East Tennessee Support Group?

I joined this group to get support for my mother. Although she is a member herself, I don’t think that she checks the site often. My mother is a Type II Atyipical Trigeminal Neuralgia sufferer. As most of you can relate, she has her good days and bad. Most recently she has been in pretty bad shape and I would like to get a support group together in the East Tennessee area. We live in Knoxville. I would like to schedule a lunch or dinner date once a month where TN patients could get together and share stories. My mother has been through it all from Cyberknife to MVD and unfortunately the pain persists. I feel bad that I can’t relate to her and I know that there are others out there who can.

Is there anyone out there who would be interested in meeting up? If so, what is your availability?

Did you look under groups tab already started?

To be really proactive -- I would have your mom's doctor and a couple other neurologists local, tell their patients what you want to do.

Make a flier - set a time and date

6 weeks out or so

and see what happens!!!

This is what I did for a support group I started for parents who have a kid like mine -- there were no groups in the whole of KC area! So being a social worker - I made it happen and it lasted bi-monthly for two years.

Also you can go to this other site I belong to for TN connections http://www.fpa-support.org/

Good idea KC Dancer KC! Thank you for your comment.

you are so welcome -- this disease is Soooo isolating!

I live in middle Tennessee. I wish you guys were closer!! I would be there!!! ...but if you guys are ever in the Nashville area, be sure to let me know!!

We will Cris! I'll also try to keep you posted as to our meeting time and if you want to meet us, you are welcome to.