Ear pain after Radiofrequency Rhizotomy? What other side effects did you have?


Did anyone experience ear pain after radiofrequency rhizotomy? Curious if you had any other side effects?

I had my radiofrequency rhizotomy about a week ago. My ear has a deep pain and the left side of my face is still sore from the path of the needle. I'm also experiencing headaches and some intermittent nausea. The nausea may possibly be unrelated but I'm not certain yet.

I'd love to hear your stories and/or side effects!


Sorry to hear abou your ear pain. For two years now I have had an ocean ear sou d in my right ear after the rhzo surgery. My doctors claim it’s nothing to do with that surgery. The sounds started about four months after rhzo surgery.

I had nasty ear pain before and after the rhizotomy, but I had a glycerine one, then an MVD which got rid of 95% of my pain. I did have terrible TMJ after the rhizotomy, and they said some of the ear pain was from that.

Here's something to try that I learned from Ben Carson's office at Hopkins, look in the mirror and open and close your jaw, see if you can tell if you are going somewhat sideways....if you are ( i could actually see it once it was pointed out) then get a heating pad and put it on your jaw for about 15 minutes, then go to a mirror and open and close your jaw while lightly pushing the side that is out of line, such as the bottom jaw. It did wonders for me!! They told me that the Rhizotomy was brutal on the jaw because of the way they have to open it to do the proceedure. I am assuming they may have done the same to you even though it was a radiofrequency one.....if nothing else i would try the heating pad, it helped me. And also I took celexia ( anti-depressant) and that really helped the ear pain alot...I had both the boring pain and the ice pick...it sucks and I feel for you

Hope you feel better real soon


I have been seriously thinking of having the radio frequency rhizotomy, however I don't want to exchange one set of problems for another set of different problems. Would you do it again(the rhiztomy)??? Hope it goes away...

Hi Emma. I definitely had sharp shooting pains after my radiofrequency procedure. I didn't have the pains there before the procedure. also pains in my tongue and throat were new too. Luckily that all subsided gradually over the next few weeks. I had my last one done on March 1st of this year and I'm still pain free. I hope you have as much of a positive outcome as I did! hope this helps you. laureen