Ear and Sinus infection

I had an appointment with a GP on Tuesday. I have severe inner ear and sinus infections, which she said may be contributing to the TN pain. She was pretty ticked that no one has caught it in a month. I'm on Ciprodex, Fluticasone, and Fexofenadine now twice a day for seven days.

My eyes are going to just pop out of my skull. Light, whether from the sun, indoors, or the computer all hurt my eyes. I'm sleeping nearly all day, just getting up long enough to eat and use the bathroom, and get online just long enough to check a news feed or a few pieces of email.

My teeth and jaw are still aching, and now I'm getting the electric shocks in 6 teeth (3 upper, and 3 lower), but the burning has eased off. I have to go in next week for a lipids test, though why is beyond me since my blood pressure is below normal.

My dear friend, and neighbor, had a stroke on Monday, and she has two little ones under the age of 5. I can't even stay up long enough to go see how she's doing.

I hate being in pain, but even worse, hate that I can't go help her when she needs it most. I am staying in bed over the weekend, and will hopefully, be able to see her on Monday.

Go away TN, and go away eye pain. I don't have time to be sick!