Dry Eyes and Post-Herpetic TN

I have severe dry eyes and PHTN. The eye doctor doesn't want to put anti-inflammatory eyes drops in my eyes due to the nerve inflammation from TN. I tried Restasis once and it totally burned and dried my eyes even more. Right now I'm using very warm compresses on my eyes and an OcuSoft eye mask that heats up, 2000 mg of Fish Oil, eye massage and drops for dry eyes (both regular and gel). After 1 month the cornea has healed from tears/abrasions, but they are still very dry and burn/ache. When I was in a place with moist heat, all the pain went away. Now I'm back in the desert and it hurts - but is it my TN acting up or my dry eyes? Sometimes it feels like both. It's a double whammy. For those of you with dry eyes and TN eye pain, what has worked? Thanks!

My eye doctor gave me Ketorolac eye drops for my inflammation and it seems to help quite a bit.