Drugs i have not seen anyone mention

i’ve not yet seen anyone mention these two drugs and wondered if anyone has ever been given them. Nabilone and Sativex. Nabilone (if you’re lucky to get it in the UK) is mant to be thee best nerve pain drug, usually given for Cancer patients and MS patients, its £10 a pill over here and they don’t like to give it out. its a cannabis based drug. the other is another cannabis based drug, Sativex. im just wondering if anyone has tried these?

i know neuros and pain clinics over here can prescribe it but very difficult to be prescribed as its just too expensive.

nice to know we are made to suffer because we just ain’t worth it!!

I live in America where Sativex is not yet okay. However, I live in a state in the U. S. That allows medical marijuana. Although I have a fentanyl patch on at all times and use Dulauded as my breakthrough pain medication, I have found Canibus to give me a lot of relief!! I still feel like my ATN is driving my overall life but at least at home I have some relief.

Perhaps America will do for us what the U.K. has done for you and allow the non-opioid and as far as anyone can prove, since they won’t do studies on it here as the pharmaceutical companies can’t make money on plants that grow - there is no addiction to Canibus, and allow us Canibus made medication. On the positive side, I can get something similar for pain in pill form at my medical Canibus provider in town. I am fortunate that New Mexico is one of the states that allow for medical Canibus.

Yes, Sativex is not approved in the US. But a lot of people swear by marijuana for breakthrough pain. It’s legal where I live, but I do not like feeling high and you have to have a medical marijuana card to get medical stuff. I tried the lowest THC, highest CBD that I could find in a recreational shop…but it didn’t really help much and I still felt high. My doctor said I could either have a medical MJ card or my regular meds…but not both. I could go to a “state” Dr. for a card…but the cost is over $500. Nabilone is legal here, but it is only prescribed for severe nausea & vomiting with chemotherapy.

Starting marijuana is like putting a fentanyl patch on that first time. It wiped me out until I developed a bit of a tolerance. I live in WA so I have continually grown different strains that I make Rick Simpson oil, CBD oil, and butter. I prefer edibles, they last long, and in Wa, a “dose” is in 10 mg increments if bought in the recreational stores. Once I find a strain that controls the pain, I grow the same strains every year. Don’t just try it once or twice. Continually search for results that work for you. I use strain for seizures and MS. Those work for me. Sativex is nothing more than lab made MJ.

Linda, are you using MJ for ATN? I am also in WA, so lots of options here.

I am in WA also so interested in this.

Trigeminal Neuralgia is a qualifying condition for medical MJ. (Intractable pain) Since the medical stores have merged with the recreational pot, stores are obligated to sell CBD products. CBD’s are the genetic makeup of the plant and some strains have more CBD instead of THC ( the stuff that gets you high.). My pain is on the left and I had radiation treatment to alleviate the major pain. It’s better, somewhat. Most have excellent results. If you are interested in this, contact TRI-Cities cancer center. Medical recommendation process is basically a cash buisness for WA. It is renewable yearly. Basically you show up to a doctor, they look through your medical records and then give you the recommendation. For this there is a charge of 150.00. I had to travel to YELM, WA from SE WA. Getting into Spokane is difficult. The recommendation allows you to grow 6or up to 15 plants, providing you register for the State. I stick to the lowest amount of plants, usually 4 or 5, to stay under the radar. I am NOT registered because of the 9th Circuit court ruled that since MJ is still a schedule 1, it has no medical value and therefore if you are registered, it comes up on NCIC. I carry concealed when traveling as part of my job and they even ask on the form when purchasing firearms if you use MJ. I won’t lose my right to bear arms. I am able to assist you with any questions you may have. Marijuana has SAVED ME. I can use responsibly and no one need know. Hope this helps. God Bless.

Thanks for the info. I’m not interested in growing any, there are a lot of stores with different options around here. I haven’t had good luck with MJ so far. CBD oil makes my ATN worse. I used a miniscule amount of an edible high CBN product and had a bad reaction. The stuff available is so freaking strong! A bit ridiculously strong IMO. If anyone has the name of a mild product, with measured amounts of CBD and THC, that has worked very well for them I would be interested. I would want to know exactly what I am ingesting to avoid another very uncomfortable night. PM me if you prefer.

Hi Ziggy
The first time i tried edibles i was on the phone with 911.The ambulance guys were super and stayed with me a half hour until my blood pressure started going down.They then let me choose whether I wanted to go to hospital.I offered them the chocolate bar wrapper.That was one year ago.Celebrating having survived this long. I have spent a fortune on CBD and it does nothing for me.
If you can find any place that has infused marijuana oil that might be the way to go.
I have a legal script and i find the legal oil to be great-but the dispensary ones are fairly good.You can generally get a bottle of olive oil infused oil pretty reasonable price and then either take a spoonful at night or use it in cooking(I took mine straight)I have ATN-or something.that’s cause the left side of my jaw is sore today.New and dis-improved symptom.
Also -I have found these medicated chocolate bars,good quality control,that if I try and get asleep without having a few little squares,I am up all night.
So for you -if you are still thinking of the weed-maybe oil and maybe a very high quality edible product.And start low and go slow.