Dropping everything!


I just increased my Trilptal from 900 to 1200, in addition to 100 of Lamictal. On top of the usual side effects I’ve been dropping things left & right! I’m also having more memory & speech problems:(. Has anyone else had this happen or am I just getting clumsier as I get older?

No. I had this happen. With the trilptal, after about 4 weeks it eased off for me. I was on gabapentin at one point to and the side effects never went away.

I would also feel like I had vertigo at times which made walking hazardous. I once misjudged the curb in a crosswalk and fell because I could not rebalance like I would have been able to do before the meds. Hang in there. With trileptal, it got better for me. I will say my speech never quite eased. I would forget the right words and studder a bit. Not often though.