Driving with TN1

I have been diagnosed with TN1 for just two weeks. I am taking Carbamazepine 200mg, half a pill twice daily.

The pills seem to be working as I have not had an attack since starting to take the pills.

I am worried about driving with TN1; the last attack I suffered consisted of about 6 separate attacks. the paramedics were there for the last three attacks and my pulse and blood pressure were increasing with each attack.

I was taken by ambulance to the hospital were the doctor in the ER told me after having a Cat scan of my head done and blood work done and asking me about my symptoms told me that in her opinion; I had Trigeminal Neuralgia.

After looking up TN on line I had to agree with her diagnosis.

Is it safe to drive with TN1 ?

Thanks John

Hi John. If you are only taking 200 mg of carbamazepine daily,and it works for you,that is great.I had to take 800 mg daily to get relief,and other people take more than that. The carbamazepine made me drowsy and tired but it stopped the pain.I have had a gamma knife procedure,that took a while to take effect.but I have no pain now. I hope things go well for you.