Dr says that im left with atypical facial pain after mvd and gamma knife now what

i had 2 mvds and gamma knife for tn and my dr says the pain im still in is a result of nerve damage and its called atypical facial pain. what does that mean for me and now what do i do? what is the difference between tn and atypical facial pain? it feels the same to me. my dr tried to explain it but i didnt quite get it... either my meds made me unable to grasp it (neurotin, ultram,and zanaflex) or i just couldnt understand what he was trying to explain. hes a fabulous dr and he doesnt like to use complicated medical terms when he talks to patients.

Go to google Images: TN looks more like lightning strikes - ATN - feels more like constant boring, burning pain?

Knowing all that I know now --- I would have you consult with Dr. Ken Casey --- He has been doing this since MVD invented....

He will consult by email in Michigan - and see you in person if he feels he can help. I flew from Missouri to him to have MVD -- if I ever have to have another it will be with him....... second choice - is Dr. Lim at John Hopkins in Baltimore

email me at ■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■ if you would like more info. Dr. Casey

seems to help the hardest cases and travels to other countries to teach others. He wrote the book "Striking Back" - that we use as our unofficial bible here

here is a link to a video he did about atypical face pain / TN


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