Dr. John Lee at Penn Medicine

Has anyone seen Dr. John Lee at Penn Medicine in Philly? I have read good things about him. I had a bad experience with a surgeon at Johns Hopkins in Baltimore, so I'm nervous.

I have had 5 different surgeries and one radiation treatment with 4 different physicians. They all had their pros and cons. It was the last neurosurgeon that treated me the best; a human being and not a case number. I have TN plus occipital neuralgia and because of the continuing pain after he severed my occipital nerve I had a radiation oncologist perform the procedure. The neurologist used to practice at Penn My suggestion is to get a second opinion with Dr. Peter LeRouxk at Lankeneau Hospital in Philly. Right off of St. Joseph University. I actually had surgery with Dr. Jennings who invented the MVD but he is retired. I also saw his Assistant Dr. Sekula out of University of Pittsburgh Medical Center. I would pick LeRoux first- small hospital more personalized care. Let me know if you want more info. Good luck

I had my surgery with Dr. Lee last March. I liked him the surgery went well everything was good until this December and it did return. My neurologist is at Unn of Penn and I will go back to Dr. Lee in April if things aren’t getting better.

I had mvd. I went into knowing it may not work at all or even just a short period but some relief was better than nothing.

Hi Deanna, it was Dr Peter Janetta who discovered MVD. Supposedly Dr John Lee trained under Janetta.

Dr. Peter J. Jannetta, a neurosurgeon who as a medical resident half a century ago developed an innovative procedure to relieve an especially devastating type of facial pain, died on Monday in Pittsburgh. He was 84

I had a consultation with Dr. Lee about a year ago. I wanted to meet with him and wasn’t ready for surgery yet. Pain controlled with oxcarbazapine. Now it’s back and I am going to try and get an appointment with him to have the MVD surgery. If you are under 68 and healthy, he does not want to do the less invasive procedures. I liked him a lot, he took time to explain things and everyone at his office in Center City Philadelphia was very pleasant at that time.