Living With Facial Pain

Dr. Allen D. Efron, Kaiser, Redwood City CA


This neurosurgeon called me when my first appointment was made to "establish our relationship and answer questions." I've been delighted with his accessibility, frankness, skills, and humor, and he's taken me through to a successful MVD surgery less than a week ago. I had a moment of pre-surgery panic, cold fear, and called him and he said "We can postpone, or not do it if you have a gut feeling it won't turn out well." Which just clarified everything for me-- no, I did not want to postpone, no I had no bad premonitions, I was just plain scared. But once we spoke and I could clarify what I wanted, all was good to go and I stayed in a good mood throughout. I also saw Kaiser neurosurgeon Dr. Chun-Kee Victor Tse there re: another possible tool, less invasive, SRS cybernknife radiosurgery, but we all decided that wasn't the best option for me at this time. Dr. Efron calls this his "favorite type of surgery" and does them all the time. Another patient of his connected with me through this discussion space and didn't have success with him but still commented on his great manner.


This makes me feel much better. I just got done with an appointment with him today and he is doing my MVD coming up.


So, I am almost one year out from MVD with Dr. Efron as the surgeon. He is great. I would recommend him to anyone. He has a great demeanor and put me at ease. I still have some pain, but no where near what it was before. This is manageable. He is a great doctor and I would run to him in a heart beat if you have TN.