Double Jaw Surgery

I had this surgery done and my bottom one the worst happen. Something happened to both my mental nerves but the sting w out the meds is so incredibly bad. My surgeon knew about my sting two years until he referred to a guy to do the decompression surgery which is late. I have a 5 % shot and my jaw could break down the center. I don’t care anymore but I have a gut feeling this surgery is the answer.

My surgery opens up my chin not go behind my ear. Have any one of you had this surgery? I’m the 0.2% that got the nerve damage

I have not heard of the surgery.Where will you have it?
Its it MVD surgery going in through the face-not the back of the neck?

Yes it goes through my face. My mental nerves are very compressed so going in behind my ear wont reach the V3 part of the trigeminal nerve. The surgery will be in the hospital and since both my mental nerves hurt it has to be two surgeries. He will tell me the risks but this pain is unbearable with medicines and I want off of them. I believe in my heart the surgery will help the pain but my mouth will never be the same and that’s fine. I’ve wrapped my head around this but I will try everything for pain relief except gamma knife

Hi Glamarella
How do you know the mental nerves are compressed?
Did imaging show that or pain?
I would love to have some test that shows what is wrong.
When will you have the surgery?
I should just start looking at all your posts-but if you could respond that would be great.
And what is surgeon name?
And how the heck did you find them?

I have a severe sting/ burn. You typically get that kind of feeling when something is compressed. When you get a pinched nerve in your arm you can get a burn feeling from it. They have never done imaging but they have seen it on the xray but have failed to tell me what it is. I’ve been told I need to live with it. (Not an option: that’s giving up) I don’t expect a full recovery but I do expect some relief or complete numbness which is fine. That’s not pain. I’m not going to release the surgeon’s name since he has not yet approved it. I see him tomorrow. I found them through my god awful surgeon. The surgeon just kept him in his pocket. I could have made a full recovery if I had been in the neurosurgeon’s chair 3 months after surgery. In the second month I felt the sting and he said I was healing and I told him that was not it. He made me wait two years to go see him and the neurosurgeon told me to try all these treatments and if none work he would consider.

Nothing worked. It’s time to fix this. Let the nerve breathe and let it heal. I will no means have a normal mouth ever which I’m okay with but I want to wear lipstick again

Hi Gamarella
I have never heard of an x-ray that can pick up nerve compression.Maybe I am hopeful that that kind of x-ray will show something for me.\Do you know what kind it was?
I really wish you a great experience tomorrow and this doctor says and does what it is that needs to happen for you to be OK.
And wear that glamorous lipstick again.

This has been going on for almost 4 years. He has to go in and see what is wrong. This has been a battle not knowing if the pain will die down a little. Thank you for wishing me luck. I used to own 52 lipsticks. I loved Smash Box’s because it tasted like gram crackers