Does your memory ever come back?

If I have to explain to people why I have forgotten something one more time I am going to scream! It is so humiliating to constantly have to tell people why I honestly can't remember what they told me just a few days ago. I have been off Gabapentin for 6 months now (current drugs are Lyrica, amitriptyline, Tramadol and Percocet) and my memory has not come back. It makes work difficult, since I fear people do not trust me due to silly mistakes I make due to memory loss. My question is, does your memory ever come back once you are off of Gabapentin? Being in pain all of the time really sucks, but add memory problems and it triple sucks.

Good question flute cutey. I wonder this myself. Mine has been gone so long I thought it was for good.

Ask pharmacist if your current combo keeps your memory at bay!

He will know!

I recently switched back from lyrica -had better memory but developed a large skin rash so I had to go back to carbamazepine and I now find these drugs make you forget…makes me feel like early dementia setting in as sometimes I say the wrong name to a co-worker or totally cannot remember and I have worked very closely with them for over 10 years. My job is very stressful 12 hr rotating shifts. I am now realizing that this plus extra stress in my personal life is now telling me to hang up my skates so to speak and get off the ice. I have handed in my notice and hope by losing some of this stress my TN will settle somewhat and without my brain having to cope with one less stressor in my life I will feel better. Here I am writing about me and forgot your problem. Drugs good/bad/indifferent.

I was off all medication for 10 months (now I'm on amytriptyline) or so and while I got back my vision, which was blurry while on Lyrica, I never got back my memory. I am now wondering if it could be the pain itself and me being incredibly tired of it which makes me forget things, misspell and speak slower than before. I also have difficulties reading and interpreting longish texts, which makes my work hard.

Hi,I have been on lyrica for two years and I so understand how you feel aboutt the memory loss. Yes I worry too that I am going into early dementia its so bad.. i get really fed up and often say to people, sorry I did have a brain once upon a time!!!!

I did read once that this part of the brain never recovers. Pain or brain, that is the question Xx

I am amazed at how my brain does cope, after years of tegretol and lyrica after a failed MVD. The bank, turned into "the money shop" , my dog Katie turns into "Mabel"? I don't even know a Mabel.My Co-Codomal comes out as "Cuddle Me,s" It is all quite sad but causes a laugh anyway.The worse thing is someone looking at me and desperately waiting for me to explain, and I come out with this gobbledy gook.