Does trigeminal qualify for disability

can anyone tell me if this qualifys for disability I mean I've missed so much work now

I cant answer your question because I do not know, but I can sympathize with you :( I have missed so many hours at work and right now I am the only income in the house. I think everyday when I do make it to work "how am I going to continue dragging myself here for the rest of my life". I work with the public and I am the manager of the front office of a hotel. I have to talk to guest all day long, manage the employees, answer phone calls, and appear happy the whole while. My job is being understanding at the moment but are they really going to continue to allow me calling in for my face hurting? I guess what makes it so bad is if you haven't suffered from TN then they have no idea the amount of pain we are really in. Good luck and I hope you get the financial support you need. I would never be able to live off of the amount I would get or I would be right in line behind you!

are you in the US or UK, in the UK you can apply for employment support allowance from the jobcentre, you need Dr's notes and eventually you will see a medical panel to be assessed but if you work well with your Dr then it may help, i looked into this last week because im at university and struggling with my exams and work experience (student radiographer) so if i were to leave and restart my semester again next year i would have my student finance put on hold and thus no money for the next six months,

hope this helps if your in the UK


TN is recognized as a disabling condition in both the US and UK. But you will still need a physician to evaluate the degree to which your symptoms disqualify you for regular employment. There is a subsection of our "Coping With Crisis" article dedicated to Disability resources in both the US and UK. The article is under the "Face Pain Info" tab in our menus.

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I am on Short-Term Disability as a result of post-surgical problems. Check with you HR person and doctor.
For me, if I can't talk, I can't work.
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iam living in the uk i applyed for disabilty and they told me if i can walk and go to the toilet unaded iam not disabiled so i never got any thing of them iam the bread winner in my family were there is no work for my husband who is a builder.i work 53 hours a week to keep house going and in a lot of pain with this tn i work in a private school iam a cleaner.i do hope you get some suppurot with your claim best of luck .lorraine xx

i was doing some research on disability and read that tn does quailfy one for disability ... i do not know if it differs from county to county or state to state ... i live in the US ... perhaps you can google and check your county and state?


I don't know who told you such nonsense as you record above, but it was nonsense. Please go to our Coping With Crisis article and make use of the resources in the UK which are linked from there. It may be that your economic welfare is better promoted by continuing to work, but the idea that you can't qualify for disability because you can control your elimination and you can walk, is outright silliness.

Time to kick tail and take names, lady. You've been mis-advised.

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I agree with you Red, but guess what? I was told almost the same. Also it is Government policy to find employment for those on Incpacity benefits (disability here) and call centres are there preferred choice. Not great for sufferers of TN. Think I will stick with my day job!! It is essential you start with a smpathetic GP and hope for the best here!

But What with old age retired people who are in their 70s?. With failed surgeries & bilateral TN. They should qualify for disability in UK.
I think this illness should b brought to the notice of the respective governments over the world. We appear normal but suffer terribly 24/7 anasthesia dolorosa & other side sharp shooting pain.

What everybody else said. I would also like to put in for the States is the following; 70% of applicants are denied with the first request. I have spoken with several different people and so far I've been recommended to get a lawyer due to my age (I'm in my mid thirties), this will help if you need to appeal at all. The biggest helpful thing is if you have your doctors behind you on applying for advisability, best if two but one is okay. There is also a group that is about applying for disability under the groups section. In the states this is not a quick processes and may take some time to be approved for.

Many lawyers recommend that you do the first round of disability applications without a lawyer's help. You can get assistance in filling out the application forms at local offices of the US Social Security Administration. There are links to similar assistance from our article on "Coping With Crisis", below the "Face Pain Info" tab on our menu. The rationale for the recommendation seems to be that most rejections are not for any real cause -- they happen because SSA is too cheap to employ enough people to process the applications within the required time frame. Likewise, the lawyer picks up a third of the compensation you receive from your settlement of back benefits -- thus there is a perverse incentive to draw out the proceedings.

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I’m in the process of applying for SSDI. I have an appointment with their (social security’s) doctor on Friday the 22nd & my lawyer tells me the decision comes 3 to 6 weeks after that. I decided to use a lawyer due to my extreme pain levels & inability to do much of anything myself. Their fee is 25% or $6,000 of back payments, whichever is smaller. My case has gone really quickly as I applied in September. I also have psoriatic arthritis and fibromyalgia plus I have a 5+ year history with both my neuro & rheumy.

In addition to the Function Report I had to fill out SSDI also sent a Pain Questionnaire…I had never heard of that. For me, filling out the two reports was the worst…it took me forever as I could only work on them an hour or so a day and the questions need long explanations. I had a friend with experience helping people fill them out help me.

I thought there was a section on this site that gave tips for filling it out, but I cannot find it. I did cut/paste it into a document at the time, so if it will help someone else, I’ve got the info.

Seems like the process has gone fairly quickly and I’m hoping for the best.


Much to our shock, my husband was approved on the first application within 6 weeks! He had a huge paper trail, and I think the documentation was the key. He also has severe side effects from the medications. Though he has disability, which helps us tremendously, we have still not found relief for him. This is VERY, VERY hard!

I could not work (accountant) the hours I was needed at my job so after my long term disability had expired I applied for social security disability and received a monthly check for 15 years until I reached retirement age. You have to make sure your doctor will agree that you cannot work and have records of your disability. Every couple of years I would have to fill out paperwork and have it signed by my doctor and summit it to social security. I am sure you feel it would be better to work than suffer with this terrible disease. Hope this helps, God Bless,John