Does sound hurt?

Hello ya'll! (sorry, my texas is coming out)

So I cannot wear headphones (or be near loud music), sleep on my side, or put any type of pressure on my ears. I also can't wear my hearing aid. I am wondering if that happens to anyone else??

I avoid my left side as much as I can because that is the side my TN is on. I haven't tried about the headphones, but I pretty much figured that my rock concert days are over.........hell, ANY concerts. :-/

I went to a concert tonight and it didn’t get too unbearable but I can’t even wear my hearing aid kinda frustrated here lol

Certain sounds seem to just trigger my TN into a frenzy, almost as if the pain pulse gets in sync with the frequencies. I had hearing protectors made for my ears but can’t take the pressure on my bad side so that was money down the drain. I’m so sorry you can’t wear your hearing aid, that would really frustrate me too.

Sound is my biggest trigger. Instant headache, nausea, then pain and the cycle repeats. Haven't found a real solution. Sorry it sucks. Do you earbud headphones work? I use an app called simply noise to drown out sound when it gets intense (like 3 people talking normally).

Oh my, yes, friends and family look at me like I am a freek. I started a job and didn't realize wearing those phone head sets were going to bother me but no one told me I would have them on for 8 hours. I tried moving them around no luck. I actually changed churches because the music I loved so much was so loud. I was wearing ear plugs at first. It is wierd because certain pitches are worst. I worked in a clinic prior and the screaming of kids high pitches sent me over the edge. Yes, noise and sometimes i am hearing pitches no one else hears. At one point I heard music and my family told me not to tell anyone they might think your crazy. When I finally told a dr. once he literally asked me if it was jazz or classical.

I understand hearing what other can't. I wals in my room and heard the tv in the living room, which I have a hard time hearing while in the kitchen (open to living room). Kinda odd but I will take hearing when ever I can get it in my left ear!

The distinguished neurologist Oliver Saks wrote about a woman who couldn’t get a tune out of her head, she heard it all the time. I think that particular essay was in the book “the Man Who Mistook His Wife For a Hat”, a collection of essays about rare neurological mysteries. I read it about 20 years ago, never dreaming that one day I would have my own problems. So asking the question about jazz or classical might not seem as strange as it sounds. Not that that helps with the problem…

Kind of off on a tangent but I love Oliver Saks and recommend any and all of his books for those of us interested in the strange inner workings of the brain. I also red “The Man Who Mistook His Wife For a Gat” years ago never imagining I’d be in this position either.