Does anything help calm down tooth pain

Hi everyone.

I've been having really bad shocks in my teeth lately and wanted to know to anything might help.

Asked my doctor today but she just said she doesnt know. (helpful) lol

Anyway, i cant eat and im drinking through a straw at the moment.

Is there any gel or anything that might calm the nerves down. I'm on 1800mg of Gabeptin but doesnt seem to help with the teeth pain.

Hope you're all well.


Hi Una, there is a cream called Capasaicin Cream I’ve heard of that is made from red chilli peppers that may help to relieve nerve pain but i’ve never tried it myself (keep meaning to). I’ve tried Ibufrofen gel and that did nothing for me, although it doesn’t target nerve pain it could help calm things down in that area for you though? Also, ask your pharmascist as well for any suggestions - I always find them quite helpful.
I wouldn’t know about the fizziness though sorry. Make sure you keep writing this stuff all down on a calendar though, its all really important information to your Neuro, doctor and you to document everything.
Hope you’re at least eating now? Best wishes Una. x Susan.

Hi Susan,
Thankfully the thing that was like a fizzness in my mouth (only way i can describe it) has gone.
I must try out that cream and see if it helps abit because my teeth are driving me up the walls.
I just eat when the pain has went down abit but by doing this, it starts up again.
I haven’t been writing it down but must start because when i come out of doc appointments, i forget everything i wanted to say.
Hope you’re well

I would be careful using capsaicin creams anywhere near the mouth, even on the outside of the face and cheek it maybe more than you can bear, it can be extremely irritant. I have used capsicum based creams, which I assume is the same thing, creams such as ‘deep heat’ and ‘ralgex’, but only on areas such as knees, hips, back and arms.

Thinking about creams, I have heard of amitriptyline creams being formulated at certain pharmacies (maybe only in the US). For application at the site of neuropathic pain, this is usually for peripheral neuropathies, but I wonder if any formulations exist for TN use. It may be worth asking a pharmacist, chemist or Doctor. I wonder if a gel for inside the mouth would be possible to formulate?

The only other thing that pops to mind is using Cloves or Clove Oil, it’s an old remedy for tooth ache, but will it work for TN…

My dentist gave me a toothpaste called GC MI Paste Plus and it has helped the sensitivity in my teeth. I don’t know if you can buy it in stores though. Good luck!

I have had spells of bad shocks and senstive teeth pain. I have been using the new foaming sensidine toothpaste and it has helped with the senstivity. Sorry my spelling is terrible! I am having a bad week right now so my upper teeth hurt. You should at least give it a try. Have you been on Tegretol? I am on Tegretol 1500mg and Gabeptin 1200mg. Hope you are feeling better.

Hi Una
I use soluble Neurofen against the nerve or as close to it through gum as possible, gives short term relief and can actually make it bearable if you use two, one after the other, for up to 3 hours I have found but of late it does not work as well as TMN seems to be getting worse.
Kindest regards

Hi everyone
Thank you for all your suggestions.
The gums and teeth have calm down abit now so im able to eat and drink now.
If it gets bad again i’ll ty out some of these suggestions.
Hope you’re all well
Take care

Great news James! It’s great to hear that you are having less pain:)!!

I also agree that the 2400 gabapentin does not help my teeth. I find valium helps more than anything else so far…but being pregnant, I have not tried that much. And James, glad you are feeling better and maybe I’ll try lamictal after the baby is born - they want me to do tegretol first, but I hear the side effects are pretty bad.

Do you think the lamictal is what has finally helped you after 20 years of suffering?

James Curley said:

Thanks for the note Jamie. I believe I’ve finally turned a corner with this horrible illness after 20 years! One more note to you Una-I was on gabapentin 2700mg/day before switching to lamictal and I definitely had the teeth issue then. James

jamie leigh said:
Great news James! It’s great to hear that you are having less pain:)!!