Living With Facial Pain

Does anyone that his ATN start after root canal had a reilf after tooth extraction?


my ATN start 7 years ago after root canal
I am thinking on extraction of the tooth that start it all
The problem is that i well known that sometimes the pain can increase after tooth Extraction but maybee it happens to Those that there's TN do not start after root canal

I have another tooth that had a root canal on the other side of my face and she also painfull but less
I also had a tooth filling on the bottom and she also painfull
Also in the past three years my left side start to be sensitive to touch so i think that the damage has spread and the tooth extraction won't help so much

What are you thinking ?


I asked once if anyone had thought about having all their teeth removed so then they would know the teeth weren't to blame but no one seemed keen on the idea.



The thought has crossed my mind several times! I have 12 teeth left and wear partials and want the rest of my teeth extracted..the reason being is that none of my infected teeth showed up on xray..It was only after the tooth was pulled that the dentist told me I made the right decision.......So who knows:)


If I extracted every tooth that hurt in my mouth I would only have about four left. I was just at the dentist for a check up and xrays. My teeth are healthy yet it feels like I have a mouth full of rotten teeth


This is a very hard question, especially when people are continuing to learn more about their Trigeminal Neuralgia condition.

Have you seen any doctor or specialist yet, maybe a neurologist or maxillofacial ?

It seems there are many types/conditions of Trigeminal Neuralgia and many health professionals can have some different contradicting views.

I am pretty much 100% sure my TN pain started after dental procedures, the most obvious for me was my first tooth extraction after a failed root canal. After the extraction the pain has stayed with me and has never left, this was 8 years ago.

The pain would move along all my teeth, around my eye and front of forehead, at first locked to one-side of my face. I would beg my dentist to take out other teeth because the pain was so unbearable.

Years later and several teeth extracted I am still left in the same pain as when it first started, but now I suffer pain on both sides of my face.

I still get the pain in the same place's, even though the tooth or teeth are not there. The TN pain sometimes feels slightly less due to most of my rear molars are now gone, but some days the TN pain is so bad I think WTF have I done...

If you can wait, I would certainly wait to see if that root canal tooth can settle, I wish I never begged my dentist to take my teeth out, so you most certainly want to hang on to those teeth of yours.

To suffer Trigeminal Neuralgia after dental procedures, this is referred to as Atypical trigeminal neuralgia (ATN). It seems any type of dental work which involves drilling into the tooth can cause long term damage to the surrounding tissue and nerve, even extraction of the tooth must damage the nerve further to cause so much long term pain years after.

We are all living examples to those Dental professionals who disbelieve dental treatment does not cause TN pain.


Mine started when I was having a dental injection and he nicked my TN nerve. I felt it happen immediately and it never went away. After a couple of weeks of relentless pain I saw a Neurologist and he confirmed TN and started me on Tegretol. I did well (it was mild enough that I could deal with it). Then 7 years later I moved to South Carolina and the constant changes in Barometric Pressure - storms every night triggered it with a vengeance. Since then I have been thru so much to get it to stop, but it's rough.

Right now I'm managing with multiple medications and Botox injections.


Dallas, you and I have had nearly identical paths. I had a root canal which failed, and then needed the tooth extracted. I was poor at the time and went to a dental school and the student there completely messed it up.

And now my life is forever ruined. That was about 20 years ago.

Luckily for me, I am unilateral. Unlucky for me, the pain never remits.


You do not have classical TN so please don't start down the path of Gamma knife, MVD, botox, etc.... they will make you worse....regardless of how many people tell you they have been helped by them. There are different types of TN and neuralgia of the trigeminal nerve after a root canal is almost always made worse by doing these types of procedures. I have problems 9 years after a root canal that there is no hope but to throw drugs at me. I had the tooth extracted, it did no good because my nerve was burned with formaldehyde after the root canal was botched and I had basically phantom limb pain. When the doctors would shoot me up with novicane and I was completely numb, I could still feel the pain. Doctors who know what they are doing will do that test before they try any procedures to fix you..which they shouldn't regardless.

Did you go to a general dentist or an endodontist to have the root canal done? Have you confirmed that they did not miss a canal when they did the root canals? Did you confirm that they didn't overfill the canals, i.e. drill thru the bottom of the tooth and when they filled it, the material went outside the tooth to surrounding nerve and tissue?


I am in a similar situation and I want to get this problem tooth that has now had two root canals done removed so bad but the dentist says it’s perfectly healthy. I’ve seen a lot of people with other issues besides TN have relief after root canal extraction but these comments all seem to point to not getting it extracted. Would love to know what you decide, and best of luck.