Does anyone know of any herbal remedies for TN specifically for teeth pain relief?

I've been on Tegretol for about a month now but I don't find it as effective as when I first started taking it. I started at 100mg once per day which didn't really help then the next week, I was taking 200mg twice a day but had to go to 3x to get any relief. The problem is I have to work a full time job so I can't take so much during the day which leaves me in pain pretty much all day long but even when I get home, I can tell it doesn't work as well either. Anyone know of any alternative relief? Every time I call my neurologist, he quickly suggests an MRI but I can't get one at this time because of money issues and the fact that the holidays are approaching. I wish I could find a new doctor because he doesn't seem to take me seriously but he's the only one in my area. Ugh.

Also, at what dosage (each time you take it and per day) do you all find relief? Thanks for any help. I'm desperate.

Not on Tegrotol so can't help there (on Gabapentin), and this is not herbal but when I get desperate for relief Anbesol helps, painful to put on teeth and gums, but does bring some relief. There is also Lidocaine Cream you could ask Dr for RX. Understand about money issues, it is difficult. Wish you could find another Dr in your area, it may be worth looking into driving a bit further to find an understanding Dr. Wishing you the best.


Lidocaine mouthwash…get a prescription called in by any doctor or dentist you have… Don’t need an appt. for that!