Does anyone have a reaction to electricity or metal?

Every since TN started for me I have been PROFOUNDLY sensitive to electricity. It seems it is more so to things that "emit", like TV's, Computers and Monitors, Radios, Cell Phones, vs lets say "a lamp". It creates / sets off burning/searing/ice cold feeling in my teeth that doesn't go away until I go to sleep and wake up again... and it can also go into the deeper right side of my face. I have not yet met anyone else who has this sensitivity. I also cannot have metal in my mouth - so I eat with plasticware...

If anyone can relate to this or knows someone else who suffers with this side effect/reaction please do let me know. Thank you so much for your experiences in advance.

Warmly, Duskfire

This is a new one for me. Never heard of it before. It will be interesting to see if anyone else has this.

OMG! I have a variation that, which is painful in my teeth as well. i have to remove myself from the situation in order to make it go away. It got worse after I had a peripheral nerve stimulator implanted in my face to help with the pain. It’s hard to explain to people but I think you know exactly how that feels.
I also have a really weird one that I’ve had my entire life. We camped a lot when I was a kid and if someone threw a pop can in the fire my teeth would hurt so bad that I couldn’t sit by the fire. No one believes me except my dad because the same thing happens to him… I have MS and TN and he has meniere’s disease.
I hope your isn’t too bad and that you find something to ease your pain!

Not the same thing but it makes me think of my sister. She has fibromyalgia and she goes through spells where she can't touch newspapers. The feeling of the paper on her hands sets off pain in her teeth and ears. Newspaper is much easier to avoid than electronics!! I haven't noticed anything like it with my TN but I've had a hard time figuring out my triggers. The only one I know for sure is wind hitting my cheek, mainly the car AC (and in Texas that's very hard to avoid)!!


I kind of hate metal in my mouth and eat with plasticware as well. If I talk on my cell phone for too long I get a headache from it and it seems to aggravate my tn for a while (only if I talk like an hour or so). But...on the electricity, yes I have issues with it. So weird and I don't talk about it because people would think I am a nut. Sometimes in bed I feel like there is a current or something going through the bed and me. Enough so that I pull my bed out to the middle of the room because both bedrooms, the bed is right in front of an outlet (by my headboard). If I have someone come to work on the house, I push it back so they don't look at me funny. I even bought those things to plug into the wall to protect from the electric force.Now something I found that seemed to help is taking magnesium and potassium as well as vitamin D and B12. Sorry, I cannot remember which helped more with the electric feeling. Sometimes I have wondered if I have MS.