Does anyone else have Neuralgic Pain Right Side of Throat?

This pain starts at the throat, slams over to my back just under the shoulder blade and then straight up to my ear…before wrapping itself around my chest. It’s been well over 13 years since I screamed from the pain and this can make me scream.

It is like starting all over again with TN pain. I have chosen to use meditation for pain during the day for well over ten years now. This has me back up to 130 mg of morphine and 1800 mg of gabapentin.

Has anyone else experienced this as part of TN?

I strongly recommend that you be evaluated immediately by a cardiologist. Pain in the patterns you describe is not common in TN or related facial disorders. Compression of the Vagal nerve, however, can mimic a heart attack.

Regards, Red

Thanks Red. I’ve been to the family doctor, the marijuana neurologist and the allergist/clinical immunologist. This was preceded by a severe allergic reaction to Nabilone. It’s nice to have my platelets back. None of them found anything wrong with my heart except the low BP. The pain neurologist is the 29th. I will keep this updated

Thank you to the people who hVe come and checked this. Thank you Red. An MRI has been ordered. Dr. Gordon feels that a relapse of the MS has occurred. There is a lesion on the pons in my brain and he wants to check if this has grown.

Red, The MRI that was ordered will be investigating the vagal nerve. Your thought on this was discussed, and is being investigated.

Hi guys,

First appt with new MS Neurologist today. Dr Dahlia Rotstein took over the big MS clinic in Toronto, and she is impressive. Her intern, Dr Zangeneh, did a full background really well. I did not include this issue to Dr Zangeneh. Dr Rotstein took about 90 seconds to say she thinks this is Glossopharyngeal or vagal neuralgia. Nice call Red and thank you.