Does anyone else feel small pain attacks in the area of the MVD when not lying down properly?

My mom has been feeling, what she described as a very small attack, almost like an electric current on the side of her MVD when she doesn't position her head properly. Does anyone else get the same thing?

Is there like a special pillow for people post MVD?

Hi Asmara,

Yes, I've experienced the same thing. Not very often, but if I turn my head a certain way, I have experienced the same thing. I have so idea what to do about it. But I have a six month follow up with my gamma knife doctor next month, so I will ask him when I go and will follow up with you. I am new to the site, so I apologize for the late response..


I am currently recovering from my 2nd MVD surgery and I have found a pillow that helps me. It is a Canon Extra firm support for back sleepers. I also have put my pillows like a step so I am on an angle to sleep. I find it helpful and comfortable to keep my head supported so I alleviate the MVD pain attacks.

I know this is a really old post but how many mnths after your mom's MVD was she feelings these? I'm 4 mnths post and am getting those electric shocks on the MVD side just randomly. How is your mom now?

I’m four weeks post my second mvd. I had those shocks after my first mvd and I’m sure they will start up after this one too. I think some of it is just neural connections rebuilding across the incision site. I’m going to look for that cannon pillow. The pillow arrangement I have right now is ridiculous. It requires 6 pillows. I’m finding my second recovery to be much more difficult when of course they told me it would be easier. That was before my surgeon got in there and decided to “be very aggressive with the nerve.” Apparently now I’m going to be suffering from more frequent attacks for awhile until the nerve calms down and begins to heal. Ugh.