Do Loud Noises Cause You TN "Shocks?"

I was wondering if any of you, like me, can have "shocks" due to loud or high pitched loud noises? If I am in a place that is overstimulating, like home depot for more than 20 minutes, or am exposed to a very loud place like a music venue, I am more likely to have a shock. Do any of you have that experience? When I was first diagnoses, and before my seizure meds kicked in (trileptal), this happened all the time to me. I think it is also part of how my migraines interact with the TN symptoms. Anyone else?

So glad you are improving! The combination of Trileptal and Topomax worked great for me, even on pretty low doses. Topomax works on the aching, burning, boring kind of pain. And as a bonus, may cause weight loss. Or make it easier to maintain your weight and still eat the good stuff. I miss it.

Hope you continue to improve and get back to work soon! I had an MVD last week and am happy to report that I'm on 1/4 of the meds I was on and having NO PAIN!! I still can't believe it. Doesn't seem real yet. For years, I refused to consider an MVD due to MRSA and staph infection fears. In hindsight, I should have done it sooner. I am brought to tears when I dare to believe the pain is gone. Praise the Lord, my strength, my hope. I can't imagine going through this without him.

I hope it continues working for you. I was loving it for the first 3 months with the exception of constipation which I decided was a fair enough tradeoff. Then I started getting sores in my mouth, gaining weight and then my vision started to blur to the point that I could read a book or drive at night that was when I decided it was time to quit taking it. It was too bad as it was great for pain control. That makes drug number 15 that has failed me. I will keep trying or maybe go back to some originals and see if the side-effects aren't as bad as I thought now that I know what is worth dealing with for pain relief.