Dizziness :(

Hey, guys. I hope everyone is doing well. I have been having bouts of mild dizziness along with facial pressure/tightness just like my trigeminal neuropathic pain usually feels like, but not as severe. Probably about a 2/10.
Has anyone experienced dizziness with their flare-ups? Or just in general? I am not on any medication so I cannot attribute it to that so I’m not sure where this is coming from. I’m not having any other symptoms.

I have vertigo as well as TN … perhaps it’s just vertigo??? well, i take medicine for vertigo … as long as i take it i am okay.

Yea, mine’s not vertigo because I don’t have nystagmus or sensations of spinning. Just a weird dizzy/lightheadedness. But thank you for your input!

I have been anxious and very dizzy lately. I am on oxcarbazepine. I started it about a month ago so I am pretty sure my symptoms are from that. Are you anxious at all? Sometimes that can cause dizziness.

I often ( almost always) have some level of dizziness.