Diverticulitus and the Antibiotics I had to take

I was diagnosed with diverticulitus a few weeks ago and was given Ciproflaxin 500mg two times a day and Metronizodole 500mg three times a day. I really started feeling sick , I believe the stress on my body and the drugs played a big factor with my tn triggering . I finally stopped taking them because I could'nt take the pain from my head any longer. Has anyone else had adverse effects from these antibiotics,

Diverticulitus can not be left untreated. May I suggest that you talk to your doctor about other medications? Ciproflaxin is a very strong antibiotic, and even before I became allergic to it, it really worked havoc with my gut Not sure why the doctor would put you on metronizodole which is a anti fungal medication, but that stuff is over the top nasty.

Do a search for nerve damage related to fluoroquinolone drugs.