Disability hearing/interview on Dec 7th


A week ago today I went to the social security place and started the process for disability. The really nice man who helped me out gave me a packet to fill out and got me a interview? date. He told me to also file online and it would help to speed up the interview time (normally 2 hours he said)

I know that the first time you're usually denied and I'm prepared for going through the appeal and have an attorney to help me.

I also found out that the Mayo clinic in Jax, FL has a program for assistance for those without insurance who qualify.

Any tips? Suggestions?

Keep your fingers crossed

Peace & Love


Hi Beth,
I’m in Canada, so can’t offer any tips, just wanted to wish you luck, I know it’s not an easy process, but hopefully your application process will go smoothly! (( hugs)) Mimi

Like Mimi, I am non US. I just wanted to wish you all the best also.

It is not unusual here in the US to be denied the first time, but sometimes not, they want to see how serious you are, and some people will just give up after the first denial....My best friend has MS and is using a wheelchair, plus she has severe diabeties, she was approved the first time out.

I have been in court for a number of landlord related issues with my tenants and for work (insurance company) and the one piece of advice I can give is make sure you have lots of documentation, and be organized. Judges hate to wait for paperwork because it screws up thier day.

Above all else, never lie ( which you wont), support your claims as best you can and be businesslike and if it is a real Judge, make sure you refer to them as Your Honor. I know it sounds stupid, but Judges seem to gravitate toward the people who are professional and seem to side with them.

best of luck


Thank you everyone. I dont believe its a “hearing”. Its going to take place at the Social Security building. I submitted all the paperwork online and have the packet to take with me. I guess I’ll see what the next step is.

Hi Beth,

I think that allot of the process is designed to winnow out the liars and cheats, so a face to face interview is one way for them to intimidate that type of person away.
Generally they will review the questions with you, so be prepared to provide any additional information that they may need - try to anticipate what that might be and have it at hand - it was a long time ago for me, but didn't they ask for school records and all of that on the questionaire? They may want more information about that....you know, it's all fact-finding. That kind of stuff. Also be prepared to talk about your TN and the effect that it has on your life - do not minimize it's impact.

The woman who interviewed me was wheelchair-bound and had issues with her hands and typed nonetheless, and I felt like a heel being in there with an able body but a non-functional head - I doubted myself and my reasons for being there, I felt shame........but at the end of the interview, she said, so sincerely, "I really hope that they grant this to you", it made me feel ok, that disabilities could have different faces.

Good luck - the road may be a long one, but keep your chin up and keep pressing forward. I won mine at the Administrative judge phase - he said that it should have never made it that far, and made a very rare bench judgement, meaning that he decided that day rather than in the ensuing 6 months that it could sometimes take.

Stay strong,


Advice - don't give up and keep on going back until you win with lottttts of documentation, pharmacy records - everrrrrything

Make sure they understand how it affects your _________ .... relationships....functioning.....work....day to day living -- whatever areas that have been changed because of TN