Digastric muscle

Hello everybody!
I am from Greece and I am suffering from chronic pain in the digastric area. It started suddenly while I was swallowing my food. I feel pain different kind of pain,like burning,pain,needles, all the time. I have done a lot of CT’s but everything looks fine. I have tried a lot of thins, like drugs for neuropathies (tegredol lyrica) Cbd oil,cortisone injections, acupuncture and more but without any difference. The doctors in Greece have not seen a similar case and unfortunately I am desperate. Do you have to suggest any doctor or clinic in any country or do somebody you know have similar symptoms??thank you!

Hello @Rebi and welcome to Living With Facial Pain! I’m sorry to hear that you are suffering from this kind of pain. I tried searching for chronic facial pain doctors that can help you but I only found this post which was made almost 5 years ago Members Doctors, but I hope something in there helps. I am hoping that you feel better soon and that you find your doctor immediately.


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I have the pain in the same area.Treatments are ridiculous.No one gets what we are going through.I am trying a chiroproctor now who co- wrote a paper of trigeminal neuropathy.If you PM me I will give you his contact and mayb e someone in Greece does similar.have you tried clonazepam?It helps to calm it down for me a bit-but I more rely on other stuff.Just is not right.All the stuff they can do but us living with horror are left to scurry around trying to find someone to help and there is no one.

Hi Rebi… my name is Susie and I am from Mississippi, USA. For 2.5 years I have been battling so many issues from my head to my toes. I have had two years worth of doctors tell me they didn’t have a clue what my problem was. I had chronic pain in the side of my face 24/7 (only relief is when I slept) I don’t know if the treatments I am taking right now would help you or not, but I do know that when you’re desperate you will try anything. I am seeing a dentist for TruDenta treatments. I have had 7 weekly and have five more to go. It is slowly but surely turning my life around in the right direction headed for no pain. Not only is it taking away my chronic pain in my face but it is also taking away the horrendous train in my head …ringing in the ears, headaches and even numbness that runs down my legs and feet and a live wire down my left arm into my hand. TruDenta is a treatment that combines sports medicine with dentistry and it may just help you too. go on the internet and read up on it. Let me know what you think. It’s my MIRACLE!!!