Digastric Muscle & Facial Pain

Hi, I am currently having awaiting results of an MRI/MRA organised by my neurologist but in the meantime have been doing lots of research around the digastric muscle or omohyoid muscle syndrome and whether this might be the cause of my face and neck pain. Does anybody know what specialty I need to see in the UK to diagnose this and if necessary, treat it? Not sure if it is neuro, spinal, orthopaedics, etc?

I hope that you can find the source of your pain. I do want to warn you that MRI/MRA will generally not find any compressed nerves. You might want to ask for a MRI with a CISS, VIBE, FIESTA, or similar protocol. I know in the UK that you might have to wait a while to get one and I hope you can get in soon. There are several groups on Facebook where you can find more information.

I have also problem with the digastric muscle and I am in pain all day. What did you finally do??