Difficulty with Swallowing Meds

Hi Everyone. Can anyone help with offering some advice on how to swallow meds? At the moment I can not open my mouth far enough to eat and swallowing any liquids causes extreme pain in roof of mouth. I take a pregablin capsule and amitriptyline tablets (which often get caught in the back of my throat). Any ideas would be appreciated.

Have you tried drinking liquids through a straw?
I find the biggish paper ones are best, if the straw is too narrow, then it can cause pain in your jaw and front of neck

Thank you Lorraine. Sometimes I can drink through staws and then not at all.

I have swallowing problems, and I grind up my pills and mix with a small amount of applesauce to take. As long as your meds are not extended release they should be okay to grind. You may want to check with your pharmacist. Hope that helps.

I have some numbing liquid the Dr. gave me. It is hell when you first put it in your mouth but it does numb it.
I wish I could have the dentist show one of my family how to give a shot. Boy would that be nice
Take care Lorna

What works for me is placing the pill as far back of my tongue as possible, take a two inch square piece of white soft bread (NO CRUST) on the front of my tongue. Moisten the bread a little, wash down with water, as much as needed. Cannot understand the pharmaceuticals and why they make these huge pills that we cannot crush. Good Luck.


This happens to me sometimes. I put the pill in my mouth as best I can, then I tilt my head back and just pour water in my mouth- it’s a little messy - but once I get water in my mouth all I have to do is swallow. Several times I have used the Oragel gum-number they sell in the drug store but it tastes awful. Good Luck.

Thank you everyone for your tips. I coat the small tablets with some margarine sometimes that helps.

I pour some water in my mouth first with my head tipped back and then push the pill in and swallow. It’s easier than putting the pill in first, and having it dissolve on my tongue and taste horrible while I try to get enough water in my mouth to swallow.

I also put liquid in first and then tilt my head back and add the pill . That way the pill " floats" and often will not induce a Gag Reglex .
It’s expensive but some compounding pharmacies can make a Med equivalent to a mass market extended release version Med . Some even can re -create controlled substances