Diet and TN

Does anyone have any experience with trying the K diet as a means of easing TN outbreaks. I’ve read that there is evidence of positive response to this particular diet whe working with epilepsy. I’ve uploaded a photo o my supplement routine and I take 600 mg of oxcarbazepine daily as well

Whilst you don’t state it helping, as a therapist, I think your on the right trackish.

Regardless of the complaint, TN or otherwise, most diseases are metabolic, at least those we develop. We’ve done something or put ourselves in a position, outside forces not withstanding to put ourselves in a situation.

Diet and stress, if everyone could master these I would be out of a job.

The trouble with supplements in the majority of cases, don’t lead to a change in lifestyle that led an individual to a crisis in the first place, their actions.

If we’re honest with ourselves, myself included, we know when we are abusing ourselves, generally on a daily basis. Few of us change it, and life style very much is conducive to inflammation= pain

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By “K diet”, are you talking about a Ketogenic diet? (not the diet based on Special K cereal!).

I’m very interested in diet and nutrition as tools for healing. My diet is usually quite good (Primal, organic, pastured foods, very low grain, etc…) but with the holidays it has really gone off the rails.

Unfortunately I can’t drop my carbs to a ketogenic level or my sleep falls apart, but I would certainly try it otherwise. Maybe I will do if for a bit anyways, as it makes sense, if it is helpful for epilepsy, and many of effective drugs we use are epileptic drugs.

I was in ketosis for three weeks (measuring with the k sticks), and it didn’t do anything for me.

Maybe I wasn’t on it long enough, but it is hard to maintain if you want to eat with friends…

My TN is caused by a tumor though, so maybe if you have a different cause, it might work for you.

I am week 8 on no sugar and no carbs. I do allow one cheat day a week. I have ATN with compression. Neurosurgeons call it TN. My experience has been a DRASTIC decrease in my background pain. The zaps have good days and bad days, but I can tolerate.

I am withholding getting my Botox just to see how I progress. It may be that I’m in a remission, only time will tell.

I was an intense sugar eater my whole life. Normal BMI, always active physically. Sugar was my thing.

I’ll keep you posted. It did take a month before I felt any change.