Did pulling your teeth eliminate pain of face pain?

In 1992 I broke part of a front tooth, in 2002 they sanded both front teeth down to make look normal/unchipped. In 2003 I developed TN2 that started right at the tooth I broke ( I’m not sure what caused the pain, could have to do with hitting head a lot as a kid) In 2015 I had MVD surgery. Before the surgery the TN2 had escalated to a point where it was surgery or death, so it did eliminate the pain almost entirely, and still to this day. The huge problem I’ve had since right before surgery and more after surgery is i had a moving pressure in my head, but after surgery the movement took over entire lower body and has come with all kinds of symptoms like walking issues and a constant tremor of whole body but mostly internal. The movement disorder now 6 yrs later has really increased and I’m now having seizures. Seems like I should pull out the tooth where the pain started because nothing else had worked? Any success stories from pulling out teeth?

I have TN for over 15 years…and yes I’ve tried everything even had a tooth pulled bc I was convinced that tooth was causing my pain. Well I was very disappointed :frowning: didn’t work! I’ve had MVD, Gamma knife x 2 and now on medication which I thank god it works most of the time. Pulling my tooth only cost me the replacement . I’m so sorry they can’t find a cure for this awful pain. Good luck to you.

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I had severe jaw pain for over ten years.It was sep. from other Facial pain and began after a root canal . My dentist said I would end up having no teeth if I began having teeth pulled for this type of pain . He sold his practice and a new dentist said he thought I had a fracture . It was confusing as the tooth DID have a root canal . They told me that sometimes the root canal can be" incomplete" . It became more confusing . I saw an Oral Surgeon and a Dental School professor and could not get a consensus as to whether there was a fracture or not. . I finally had it pulled.There WAS a fracture in that tooth. For three months I was pain free and then my prior pain at that site returned --however it was less severe . In my case I think the neuropathy was complicated by a dental fracture that developed later. Removal of the tooth removed the component of pain it contributed .
By the way --even though I said I did NOT want an implant the surgeon put in cadaver bone anyway, at the extraction site . That lead to a lot of inflammatory pain as fragments sheared off and slowly poked out of my gum -----just what we all need . More pain.

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I have TN 1 and 2. I use to blame the dentist and root canal doctor, but I have changed my mine over the last year.
I remember when it first started in February on 2013. Yes I did have a tooth pulled and it immediately moved to the next tooth.
I had the first shingle vaccine about a month before. At the time I remember the vaccines but did not know if there was a relation. But recently I have read that the vaccine was a live virus and it has been taken off the market due to many cases of Trigeminal Neuralgia and Bells Palsy caused by it. I will never ever take a lived virus vaccine again. I did take the two shot newer version of shingle vaccine a few years ago. My new doctor told me that the older one was not working I had successful MVD at age 70 by a very experienced neurosurgeon Dr Fukushima in Raleigh NC February 2021. I was pain free as soon as I woke up in ICU. But I still have the atypical type 2 in both upper jaws. I had the type 1 for only 14 months before the surgery. I have read that the virus from shingle or herpes is believed by many doctors to be the cause of TN. In my case I agree.


THANK YOU SO MUCH EVERYONE!!! Your replies are HUGELY HELPFUL! I feel very tempted to pull teeth, but obviously shouldn’t. I asked my current dentist about pulling and he explained that it will just shift to another tooth and refuses to do it. Out of desperation, I was tempted to call an ex-boyfriend/dentist and bag them to pull them out, but thanks to you guys, I won’t make that mistake. Thanks again!!!


I’m going. To pull my teeth for I have to take drying meds
It rotted my teeth even lower so I’m pulling I don’t want dentures but cheaper and eliminates tooth recession and cavities no more dental ins for 60

I agree with your decision. I am trying not to let my mouth get too dry. I have stopped antiseizure meds which seem to be the cause. I have some pain almost every day in upper jaw.
I feel eventually I will lose my teeth. I am 70 years old.

I am sorry this is such a late response to the last two posts but I am often ill and not able to keep up with this site…regarding dry mouths : PLEASE look into Pilocarpine and see if you are a candidate for this medication .
It has changed my life .My primary care doc.would say “ Sahara” every time he looked into my mouth but never offer any help .Finally a Rheumatologist prescribed Pilocarpine and the result was Life changing .
Inflammation can affect the glands that make Saliva —-something you never think about until you lack it .
There are side effects to Pilocarpine —-e.g. increased perspiration .But I think it’s a fair trade off.
Personally,the alternative medication offered .Cevelimine is not as “ productive “ but that may be an individual response .
I hope this helps if either of the two above people read this late post.

Never ever pull your teeth. On my journey to dx. I pulled 2 teeth, filled 1, root canalled and crowned 3.