Did anyone have brain surgery for a condition totally seperate from TN and you think that surgery triggered the TN to start?

At age 12 and 18 I had brain surgery to get rid of my lower temporal lobe epilepsy on my left side. The second surgery made my skull cave in slightly on the left side, particularly where they had to insert wires for a few weeks to track the seizures because that's where the biggest dents occurred, shortly after I had a tooth that always hurt and 2 years later the A-typical face pain started on my right side. Now 12 years later it has obviously gotten much worse consumes every bit of your life. I have gone to so many neurologist, and brain surgeons and the brain surgeons say they won't perform any form of surgery on me because they don't think it will do anything. I am so convinced that the brain surgery for epilepsy caused the TN. Has anyone else experienced a connection like this? Thanks

I think you are a rare case… Email the best on what your options are… To Dr ken Casey

He’s done THOUSANDS of MVDs… He might be able to let you know what can be done!

Also there is much talk about PNS. Put in search box…but still ask Casey!

I have a Chiari Malformation, which is structural deformity in the skull which causes the brain to slump into the spinal column. I had surgery to correct this in 2003, and developed what I now know to be TN soon after. The surgeon who did my MVDs and PNS implant is convinced the TN is directly related to the Chiari.
You may want to contact him, as he is one of the few doctors using the PNS for TN, as well as being a leading TN expert. He is Dr. Jeffrey Brown in NY.
Best of luck to you!