Deviated septum / facial nerve pain / ENT advice?

Hi all!

After 2 years of intense facial nerve pain, I was diagnosed about 6 months ago by a neurologist via CAT scan with a deviated nasal septum and Atypical Trigeminal Neuralgia. I am not quite convinced yet that I have ATN so i'm wondering if anyone else here has a deviated septum? The neurologist said that I could get septoplasty to correct the septum but would not guarantee pain relief. I was on 1200 mg Neurontin to deal with the nerve pain but hasn't helped. I've tried everything from a neti pot to different nasal sprays.

But ... you see, I have very noticeable physical deformities on either side of the bridge of my nose. It almost looks like what I would think would look like enlarged turbinates. My symptoms very much resemble that of ATN; the burning, constant but intense dull pain in my cheeks, under my eyes, tingling on the lips, etc. The only difference is my nasal bones seem to have GROWN over the last couple of years. I think I may have a cyst compressing on the nerves on the sides of my nose because not only am I experiencing this constant facial pain but my nose is often very red and feels swollen, especially with excess heat (steam baths, etc) and intense physical activity. I've also got a lump on my forehead that makes me feel like my face is caving in.

I have an appointment with both a neurologist and an ENT next Thursday. Thing is, i'm an American currently living in Thailand and I want to make the most of these appointments. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to properly relay all my symptoms and information to these doctors? I've seen a few in the states who just simply think i'm crazy.

I guess my three questions are:

1. Does anyone else suffer from effects of a deviated septum or has anyone done septoplasty surgery to correct this?

2. Does anyone else's facial nerve pain result in physical deformities?

3. Any advice on how to talk to a doctor regarding these issues?

Thanks so much in advance!


Are you thinking about having procedure done there?

Are you coming back here anytime soon?

Can you get a second opinion?

Research all you can on Both your conditions

And tell them what YOU think -- you are the customer!

Depending on what kind of procedure is discussed, I may or may not have it done here in Bangkok. Bumrungrad Hospital is highly regarded but I don't know many people here and I fear the recovery time without friends and family.

I plan to be back in America on September 6th.

I'll be printing out a few things to give to the Neurologist and the ENT during the initial consultations and i'm hoping they'll be able to consider these things. It's just hard to know how difficult it is to really diagnose.

Thanks for your support!