Details of my MVD surgery and recovery

Hello friends,

I suffered from TN of upper jaw of right side for about 10 years till I got my MVD surgery done in 2013.

At that time I wrote two detailed posts on why I chose MVD and my experience with and after the MVD.

Sharing links to the posts here as it might be useful to others:


I have been pain free for 8 + years. It was my 2 Nd surgery & feel totally blessed that I found Dr Sanan for this surgery & lucky he is in Tucson Az where I live. Ring pain free is well worth the nausea I experienced post surgery & the recovery time.

That is nice to know. I have also completed 8years - so we seem to have got operated at around same time.

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I’ve been pain free for 8-1/2 years since MVD for GPN. The pain was horrible, off and on for 6 years till the surgery.

After surgery the pain was completely gone, but I had severe double vision for a day, my balance was off for weeks, and my sense of taste went away and took months to come back.

I’d do it again: I was at the end of my rope and now I have my life back.

Nice to know you are pain free.