Dental work?

I am suffering from continuous tenderness on left side of face from TN. Today I had to cancel a routine dentil cleaning because I am unable to even begin to know how I could handle a dental tech moving my facial muscle for cleaning. The Dentist stated he has no idea as he has never worked with a TN patient before. Has anyone solved this riddle yet?

I have gone for two cleaning since being diagnosised with TN. I mentioned via phone call that I would like the tech to become familiar with TN prior to my appt. once at my appt I had them clean the “normal” side first. My tech was extremely gentle and I suffered only minimal pain after.

Thanks Patty, I will follow your approach. I have a really nice tech and feel that I can trust her.

I’ve had about 4 cleanings since being diagnosed and they went surprising well. Like Patty, I get them to start on my good side and see how that goes. I’ve got two front teeth on the right side that are triggers so sometimes they can be done and sometimes not depending on how sensitive they are on the day.
I have found both the hygienist and dentist very supportive.

Good luck.

Go to google images --- print off map of TN nerve paths under trigeminal neuralgia images-- take it to them and highlight where it hurts on your exact face! : )

get a prescription for some lidocaine mouthwash to swish around before hand

get a one day prescription for a benzo or or a narcotic like substance and get a driver !

Good Luck!

Thanks for the additional advice. I have an appointment with my neurologist tomorrow and will seek some supportive pain medication and will definitely print out the nerve chart for the dental hygienist.

Thanks again!