Dental Work

I have two impacted wisdom teeth on the same side as most of my pain and my dentist wants them removed I'm really scared to have this done because I worry it will make my pain worse but the dentist said she is also worried if they stay in they will make the other teeth get infected and in the end can make the ATN worse. Has anyone else ever dealt with this and can help me know if my fears are normal and what they're experiences were

I went to the dentist this am took xrays on my GOOD side ans nothing showed up to cause the pain and this iss the second time since Jan ..sending me to a root canal specialist for his opion and Im think why not just do the root canals anyway?I have deep fillings there 2 of them good luck to you I havent made any decisions yet.

Oh my, I know that scary feeling! I was told I needed three root canals. I immediately knew there was no way I was going to be able to get that done. My fear of triggering another episode was too great. I opted to go to an oral surgeon and have them extracted. I knew for me, I needed to be put to sleep to have anything done to my teeth. Everything went well for me. I healed fine with no TN episodes. I am still very much afraid to go to the dentist and I found a cavity the other day that will need to be filled soon. My family doc is great though, and will prescribe me an ativan to take before I go in to calm my nerves. It's still so stressful though! I hope everything goes smoothly for you!

Just make sure they put you under. You may have some residual pain, that my effect you ATN, but I think it will go away. I had sinus surgery that effect my ATN but it went away and the only time it flairs up is when I get a sinus infection. I say put you under because recently I had work done on my left side of my mouth and had a shot and this triggered more pain and I am now bilateral. Soo, being put under is best. My two cents worth. Min

i've also found out shots in my gum makes the pain so much worse after a few hours.

not yet still waiting to get into the oral surgery center looks like it won't be until at least november

omg,i feel for you. i have always taken great care of my teeth but tn changes everything. dental nightmares. feel so bad......

Yeh....I seriously don't think I will have my teeth cleaned for a lonnnng lonnnng time after January's adventure. :(

i can't read all info and remember......all that i know is that so much dental work is done and increased likelyhood of further complicating tn pain. before any procedure, i would check w/ your neurologist. they sometimes increase your seiz meds and putting me under is not an issue. it is the problem w/ 1-2 days afterward for a good 1-2 3 weeks of pain FROM procedure and teeth touching. not during, after. READ THE DENTAL HERE ....what to do tab. my neurol told me not to see dentist if having problems, only see when he is aware, he will also talk to my dentist etc. show dentist your medical record or emer info on you tn. that is my advise.