Dental work

Just wondering of anyone might have an insight into dental work and TN? I’ve been pain free for at least 3 months (acupuncture has been helping). I had a crown put on, no root canal had to be done though, and the pain is back, slowly progressing. This was last week they put in my crown. Going back this Saturday for another acupuncture visit. Seems the only thing that works for me. Just wondering if the dental visit is was set it off again?

from what I have read dental work can set it off. I believe it can.

My pain started in the dental chair after a routine filling turned into a crown. After 8 years and sever diagnoses' I understand that keeping my jaw open for long periods of time contracts my muscles in my face, neck and back. This contraction has lead to my atypical facial pain. I would suggest anyone having dental work should never do it when under stress, that prior to and after dental work they should have a massage to relax the muscles in their neck and body. Just think of it….whey you go to the dentist they have your mouth wedged open and turned to a side for a long period of time…..for me I have use myokinesthetic massage which is a advanced massage technique which has been of great help in dealing with my pain…..moist heat to relax muscles is also wonderful….

Diagnosed nearly 20 years ago with TN, I would have attacks on and off (a few times a year with episodes lasting 10 days ... always 10 days). I was prescribed Neurontin which worked pretty well. I went four years without any attacks until I had to have a very complex filling done on my upper right side. It took a long time to do because almost my entire tooth was being filled. Several days later I had severe pain in my tooth. I thought the filling had a hole in it which was exposing part of a nerve. I went back to the Dentist and told him there was something wrong with the filling. He did a close examination and told me there was nothing wrong with the tooth, that it was sealed properly. He told me he had no idea why I was in pain. I told him that I had TN and asked if that could be the source of my pain. He looked at me like "Duh, of course that's why you're hurting."

Well, that dental procedure triggered new episodes of TN, fairly regularly. I went to a new neurologist (I had moved to another state) who prescribed Neurontin since I had used it before. This time the drug made me very, very loopy and tired. I couldn't function at work. Heck, I couldn't function at home. He changed the prescription to Lamotrogine (Lamictal) which, I guess, many people can't tolerate but I can take it with no side effects. He said I could add in the Neurontin with the Lamictal for painful episodes which I've done with some success. He also prescribed Tylenol with codeine which does nothing for the pain. Using Advil works better.

Since that dental appointment about 5 years ago, I've had many more dental appointments with no resulting TN pain ... until last week. About a year ago I started having episodes of pain on the left side of my face. The pain had always been on the right side. Last week I had to have a crown prep on the upper left side. It took about 90 minutes, with my mouth open the entire time. The pain started up two days later and has continued this week. It peaked on Wednesday and pain has mostly subsided now. Interestingly, I had a crown prep a month ago on the upper right side which also took 90 minutes but it didn't trigger any TN pain. Go figure.