Dental Visit pain free

Just got back from my first hygiene appointment following diagnosis. No more pain than I would expect whilst having my gums battered!!
Needed one bit of work doing and the dentist agreed to do it right then to save me a trip. We decided to go without Novocaine for the procedure in fear of irritating “The Nerve” (lol). All went well and fingers crossed continues this way.

Great. I keep postponing my cleaning. I have to have gas for cleaning and there is no way the nostril piece could touch my nose. Plus I am concerned about the actual cleaning. I have to brush very gently.

Well I guess I spoke too soon - aching and zappers are back as of Tuesday! One thing that irritates me is that I wont ever know if this round was caused by the dental work (i.e. drilling, poking) or just an unfortunate coincidence! Ho Hum!

lol I have to have gas too and novocaine doesnt numb me at all…the 2nd tooth I had pulled gave me 2 months of the worst attacks Ive ever had…this all because I kept telling the dentist that novacaine and lidocaine and etc dont do anything to me and never have… (this was before i was diagnosed)… and he thought I was just scared of the needle and kept trying to numb the root when I said it hurt because he assumed i just had a deep absess or something…9 vials of novacaine later and he’s sitting there looking at me in awe like im a “challenge” now…Im in tears cause it feels like theres a knife being stabbed into my jaw repeatedly…needless to say an hour of him trying to use normal dentist tools…which just are tripling the pain in my jaw each time they touched me…I just told him to gas me with laughing gas one quick time and cut it out before I bit off a finger…

I have nightmares about dentists now lol. Im in serious need of some dental work but A> cant afford it all at once and B> cant stand the pain of no anesthesia for more than 1 visit so it would have to be all done at once lol

OMG you really went through the mill at that visit Sarah. Now you mention it I recall needing more than a couple of shots a long time ago to numb that side of my mouth…the plot thickens…

As for the cost - the insurance system in this country is shocking - corrupt even!

Thank you for sharing that with me.