Living With Facial Pain

Dental Update - Invisaline

Around the first of year I posted that my teeth have moved out of alignment about 25% in the past 5 years. Quick recap: went to an adult orthodontist who said my issues look much like the issues he sees in stroke patients with facial numbness and damage (which makes sense since I often have numbness along with pain with ATN).

I started wearing Invisaline last week and am doing REALLY WELL with them. In fact, my top teeth feel better with the brace on! I’ve been wearing a lidocaine patch to help hold off any ATN flare from having my teeth pushed around and haven’t really had any pain from ATN.

Ziggy, aren’t you the one who talks about loving your mouth guard at night? Well, I’m slowly falling in love with the way Invisaline acts as a mouth guard of sorts.

Hi Azurelle, glad to hear you are doing so well with the Invisaline bite guards. Yes, I’m doing very well with just using mouth guards right now, they seem to “distract” the nerve just enough to make things bearable. Right now I’m anxiously awaiting a new one, as my dog stole my last one (it was old and groddy anyway). Getting by with OTC ones you make at home, but they are not comfortable.

I prefer the soft acrylic ones, but if you are happy with the harder acrylic that is great, they are very inconspicuous for wearing in public.

I went to a TMJ specialist for my latest mouth guard and found it was better than my original from my regular dentist. The new mouth guard puts my jaw into a neutral position to relieve pressure in my neck and jaw. It was expensive but worth the money for me.