Dental Phobic to the Max!

Ok I am 8 months out from my MVD. No more walking the floor crying. Pain melds are gone now for a few months. Here is my issue. Thought I had a sore throat and at the same time noticed a slight pressure in the right jaw. A week ago went to the dentist for pain on the left side. It was more jaw issues from teeth grinding. I need a new mouth guard. So I kind of ignored this jaw ache. I don’t know about everybody else but my dentist’s nurse and receptionist make me feel crazy. So…I hate going to the dentist because 9 times out of 10 in the past it was the TN. Now I realize I may have an abscess in a rear molar that I had a root canal in on the right side. Yeah, my right side TN.

So…I called the dentist again today and had that conversation its me again, and I got that softer voice, “Are you sure?” No I’m not sure. That’s why I’m calling, I calmly replied. It’s a lot of pressure and the lump under my jaw is getting bigger. Long story short, I am so terrified that last night, don’t laugh I wet my bed. Well almost, I wet myself and woke up. Took a shower and changed my clothes. I’m on antibiotics until Thursday and so terrified to have a root canal on the MVD side.

Has anyone had a root canal after an MVD and how did it go? I could have just asked that. Blame it on the terror. Thank you in advance for anything.

Can anyone help please?

I had oral surgery and it made my neuropathic pain worse. However, my pain is due to damage to a peripheral branch of the trigeminal nerve. I don’t get the shooting pain of classical TN and I never had a MVD. It’s hard to predict how dental work will affect us, but like you suspect, it’s risky because of our sensitive nerves. In your case, it sounds like it’s unavoidable because of the infection.

Ask for a referral to an endodontist. He or she will have more experience with root canals. Meanwhile, the antibiotics should bring down the infection. I hope everything does well for you!

Hi Lou, great to hear how well you’ve been doing post MVD!!
I completely understand the fear of any dental work. It’s real and a valid concern.
My dentist has referred me to an Endodontist for root canals in the past, as Toothache mentioned, they are more experienced. I never had any extra issues with my TN after my root canal . Having a consultation prior to your procedure might help reassure you.

Hope all goes well, (( hugs )) Mimi

Thank you, thank you Mimi! Ok I feel so much better. hope that all is well with you and that you are comfortable and your mind is at peace.

Thanks toothache too!!! Endo at 3:00!!!

Hi Lou! First, I'm so happy for your successful MVD. I had mine 19 months ago and remain 100% pain and med free. I'm committed to stay with this group so that maybe I can help others or even give hope. And, yes, I did have a root canal just 3 months after my MVD.

I started having achy pain in one tooth on my TN side at 3 months out from surgery. It was just a few weeks after I had completely weened myself off the incredibly high doses of Tegretol I was taking. I was so terrified that my TN had returned. This pain though was a little different. It hurt badly but wasn't nearly as intense as my TN and was more of an intense ache. Also, my TN always retired when I slept and this pain stayed and even got worse at night. Finally, when I took ibuprofen, it actually improved the pain which never happened with TN. Saw my dentist and sure enough, an Xray confirmed it was a cracked filling that had decayed to the point where a root canal was necessary. The dentist hypothesized that the anti-convulsants I was on likely concealed the pain of the decay that was setting in over probably a few months. I actually was overjoyed at my diagnosis to need a root canal and that it definitely wasn't my TN returning.

I was terrified before, during and after the root canal and crown. I had to visits to finish it up with a temp crown put on and actually felt a couple of uncomfortable nerve "zings" that scared me to death. Once it was finished though and my mouth recover in a day or two, all was good and have never felt a thing on that tooth since the root canal, which was well over a year ago. It was just a bona fide root canal that was needed that happened to be on my TN side and happened to be shortly after my MVD. I will not be as afraid if there is another root canal in my future. But since I've recovered from my MVD, my dental hygiene has been a top priority (it wasn't as much during my painful TN days). I haven't missed a day of flossing and I am doing everything my dentist has advised me to keep my gums, crowns, teeth in the best shape I can :).

Hello Lou,

I copied the pages from the book, Striking Back, and took a copy to my oral surgeon when I needed dental work. He complied with every suggestion from the text and my dental procedure went well; no TN flare ups or additional pain.

He has also seen two patients with TN since he's been working with me and he's helped them with their pain, prescribing the meds that helped me. You just have to find an open-minded dentist/doctor out there who is willing to listen to the patient and do some research.

Good luck with your dental work.


Sadly, the endontist did a cat scan and discovered that at the root of my previous root canal I had an infection. This being the reason for the possible infection into my lymph node. I am being referred to an Oral Surgeon on Wednesday. The antibiotics are really eating up my stomach at this point and not doing a whole lot for the infection. I have copies of the X-Rays and cat scan and might be looking at an extraction. The good thing is that my MVD might have been even more successful than originally thought. The intermittent pressure in the jaw has probably been coming from this molar. We will see. But thank you for the input.


This is a very familiar cocern for many of us. I am scared to death as well. I am determined to work through it,but it is an ordeal. In fact my dentist is aware of my TN an will not touch me until I get a letter from my surgeon authorizing it...this is tough it sounds like you have to go.You dont' want an infection to set in

Well I had the consult and the tooth cannot be saved. Scheduled for an extraction on June 1st with a bone graft. I will receive an IV sedation while the procedure is being done. Because of the numbness I did not really feel anything until it was too late. All I felt was pressure and then the lymph node began to swell. The lesson here is go to the dentist for regular check ups to make sure a storm is not brewing. The bright side is my jaw pressure this past month was due to the tooth and not an indication that something was amiss. All neurologists and Oral Maxilfacial Surgeons are onboard as to how to approach my situation as gently as possible. Thank you all for the support and input. Will let you know how it goes.

It's great that you have your doctors onboard and knowledgeable. Best of luck with the procedure. Hoping all goes well.