Dental Implants

I had a root canal plus a tooth extraction a year ago, which is how I figured out I have TN - the pain didn't stop after those two procedures. Anyway, my dentist recommends an implant to replace the missing tooth, but I'm deathly afraid to have him drill into my jawbone. Does anyone have any experience with dental implants? I think I'd rather live with the missing tooth! It's in the back. Thanks for any insights you may have. My TN is minor and well controlled with Tegretol - so far.

I felt the same way and just got a partial.It's kind of a pain and not like a natural tooth,but i did NOT want that drill.Good luck.

I had an implant in front
way before TN.

IF i was suggested an implant in back…now…I would live without tooth!

Thanks for the feedback. I'm just concerned that drilling into the bone for the implant will aggravate my TN. Glad to hear it didn't make yours worse. :)

I was also suggested an implant to replace a missing molar. For a year I had been trying to save that tooth, every root canal I had done made the pain worse until I had that tooth pulled out - best decision I ever made. I would not risk getting the implant now, it's just that I'm scared of the pain coming back and since it's not in the front it's not an aesthetic problem for me.

I lost quite a few teeth in the back before TN diagnosis, wish I had known then it was TN and not teeth, but guess dentist didn't know about TN either! My personal decision has been not to get implants, I feel it was a root canal that started all this, I am not going to risk getting worse. I also don't have to worry about brushing those teeth, a real trigger for me. It is not very noticable at all so I just don't think the risk outweighs the aesthetic gain. I know losing a tooth or teeth can have its own problems, but after 7 years have had no problems other than darn TN!