Dent & increased pulling/pain at MVD this normal?

Just over 2 months post MVD and this week have more pain/ pulling at incision and a dent along the incision?? Kind of worries me because it wasn’t there a week ago.I know some people have mentioned a dent, but was it always there? It isn’t visible just feels weird.
Wondering if the pain and pulling is just from being more active? Also does anyone still have pretty big swings in their energy level? Last week I felt like I really turned a corner, I had tons of energy. But this week I could sleep 12 hours a night.

i am three months post mvd and my incision still aches and feels tight and yes one week i have lots if energy and the next none

I'm paying close attention to this post, Kathy, at just 12 days out. I know I will have a strong desire to be active as soon as my body will let me. My guess would be that the swing in energy levels are overdoing it a bit and then your body craves rest to recoop. Just a guess though since I have not yet been there. On the incision, again just a good guess, I'm thinking it is the skin healing to some extent. I know when I get a cut, the skin pulls as it heals and this is a huge "cut". I wonder if massaging aloe on the incision might help. I would love to hear some tips on this post from some MVD veterans so I have all the supplies I need on hand. Take care, Kathy! Sounds like a little 2 steps forward, 1 step back in this recovery. I think a full recovery is near for you though since you are so healthy and are a runner. I think that helps your body get back.

I am five weeks post mvd. My neurosurgeon recommended doing virtually nothing till my post op appt which is six weeks post op. he specifically said not even emptying the dishwasher. While i have not followed those instructions to the letter this past week, I think it has been helpful in my recovery to rest, rest and rest. My scar is feeling better but the afea around is is still a bit swollen and numb. I do feel definite pain at incision if i bend down even slightly. I have no fever or signs of infection and so i am assuming this is all just normal part of healing for my body. We need to listen to our bodies and if they say rest and sleep that is what we need to do. Each person recovers differently. My energy level was quite good on the weekend and this week i feel like a balloon with the air let out. If you feel sick, oozing from incision or feverish and chills then see your doctor immediately. Onward and upward! See you at the top

My energy came at about 5 months post op. My surgeon told my at my six week check that I would soon get the dent because when the whole heals it shrinks. He was correct my dent appeared one day.
Listen to your body. Do not overdue when you feel good and energetic. This can cost you a week of sleeping. No Joke!
As your incision heals it will itch and pull. I relied on my topical pain salves a lot.
Hang in there, Tree

Tip: physical therapy can keep the scar from adhering to your scalp. These adhesions cause pain, pulling and tearing. It is called Cranial Sacral PT. This helped me so much, because I was able to break loose the scars so that my skin moved freely over my skull bone.
Healing together, Tree

I’m 18 months post op…still feel tired when I over to it…exercise has help me atot, I walk 45 min everyday…(now that the cold weather is coming I won’t be able to do it bummer)…hang in there Kathy do what the Dr tells u take it easy and don’t over do it…pray that also helps to relax, I’m about 80% pain free hope it never comes back…

Hi Kathy,
I never had a dent, but many have…any pain you feel at incision site should be checked just to make sure no infection etc. ( fever?) but usually pain and pulling can be attributed to the healing and tightening of the skin.
I’ve started doing massage therapy as I was getting pressure type pain above my incision(back of my head) whenever I did too much…neuro thinks maybe its muscle tightness as it heals and massage for upper back, neck, head can loosen things up…we hold so much tension in our shoulders and up…
My MVD was April 9th and I still have energy swings!!! Super frustrating!!
Keeping in mind the year prior to MVD was spent immobile, no cardio, a lump on a log, due to the immense non-stop pain and bout with vertigo.
Another friend who had MVD last fall still has energy swings…
So it’s individual. Our bodies heal differently…this past summer I was so discouraged reading of others who were way more active after their mvds than I could be post-MVD.
Listen to your body, if you’re concerned get your doctor to have a peek at your incision to be sure all is well.

Huge (( hugs )), Mimi

I also have the dent, and its gotten worse over the past year. It seems to have stopped now, but still itches every once in a while like no tomorrow. I also noticed that when its humid, the dent is deeper than usual. I asked my doctor about it and she said if the bone was replaced with "putty" it will expand and contract according to the weather, so its nothing to worry about. I find it creepy and just try not to touch the area.

My MVD was a year ago, right after my energy soared, but then I was hit with a whole other bunch of issues from and autoimmune disorder, so I went right back downhill, My case is very, very rare though.

My biggest piece of advice is, dont push need to take it slow and steady, but it sounds like you are on the right track!!


i was never given restriction just no driving for a week went back to work at 6 weeks i have been more eexhausted the last couple weeks it has been 3 months since mvd i have been feeling a little achy on tn side and scares me I’ve done to much to soon and it is coming back

Thanks for all the feedback and support! I have been trying to do a little massage but it does make me a little nauseous. I did email my doctor to see what his thoughts are.

Ayre-I wish we were given more post op instructions or restrictions. I feel I too may have pushed myself too hard. I sure hope your tn isn’t coming back.

Mimi- I know what you mean when I read of other people back to work or just way ahead of where I am at. I ended up questioning myself.

I understand everybody heals differently but their should be some kind of guidelines.

mine is slightly raised, but i had a csf leak, so that might be part of it. im two and a half months post mvd, but i was still jacked up till the second surgery on the 23 of august. i did not notice a lack of energy, or a boost of energy for that mater. the cut is numb for the most part but no pain from it.

Hi Kathy

I am 6 months post-MVD. I do actually have a dent along the course of my scar and every once in a while it is itchy. Other than that, no pulling sensation. The dent was not there initially but I am informed by my neurosurgeon it has appeared now that the swelling post-op has finally gone away. It does feel weird! I was pretty tired for months after the surgery... It's probably over the course of the last month that things have started to pick up energy-wise. I guess every "body" is different in terms of how it recovers. :)

I noticed a dent after my incision was almost completely healed. Mine is also not visible but I can feel it. I also had the pulling and a little pain yet at about 10 weeks but now it's almost completely gone at 3 1/2 months. If I really work hard and use those muscles a lot though I still feel it.

I have had a few ups and downs too with my energy levels but now for the past month they seem to have leveled off better. I have also noticed I can pinpoint a drop in my energy with my hormone changes each month. I've been like that since I got TN. When I was on the full dose of meds, I noticed it much more but I still notice that a little too. Also if I overdo it, I get very tired. I can work hard for about 5 hours and then I absolutely have to sit down for a bit and rest before I can continue.

I was also given no restrictions after surgery. I think that can be dangerous for me - I tend to go as hard as I can all the time. I even asked Dr. Casey if I could ride a bronc (an unbroken horse) and he said go ahead. I never did that because I was just too scared to endure that kind of jarring if the horse bucked. I didn't know if I was strong enough either and the ground really hurts now that I'm over 40!

Listen to your body, as soon as you start to feel tired try to rest.

I am 10 months post op and have the dent which slowly increased in size for a few months after my MVD. My surgeon told me it formed after muscle in that area atrophied following the surgery. He said it happens to some, but not all, people. As for the itching, my hairdresser told me that the skin over the incision looked dried out and ugly so we started scrubbing it a little more intensely but not enough to irritate it. The area now looks great (according to others as I cannot see it) and the itching is gone.

About a month ago, I went shopping and ended up carrying some very heavy bags for a long time. For about a week, I had neck pain on the MVD side that would not quit. I used hot compresses and ibuprofen. It is fine now. This did not really concern me as I have had numerous surgery sites on my body that took a very long time to completely recover.

As for the tiredness, I am beginning to think it is permanent but then I am 68 years old!

My TN pain is completely gone but I think I am always waiting for it to return because of others' experiences. My surgeon told me to quit worrying as the odds are in my favor that it will not return. I hope he is right.

Best of luck to you.

I love your response MimiK! I'm betting that your surgeon is correct that your pain is a distant memory. The odds are certainly in your favor. Good points on the healing of the incision and totally makes sense. All those shower and face scrubs are meant for the other body areas, but not the scalp. That skin needs attention too - smart call on your hairdresser.

Someone who had an MVD several years ago (and is pain free to this day) told me it took an entire year for her to really feel herself although most of the recovery happened in the first few months. It all sounds like a 2 steps forward 1 step back.

I'm hoping that I can get back to my strength training in my first year. I do that 2-3 times a week and my cardio 3-4 times a week. I'm hoping my body remembers and adjusts but maybe the weights will have to wait for a year. Just over a week until my surgery!

So reassuring to hear all your replies, thank you so much!! I did hear back from my surgeon too and he said it was normal. I was just a little shocked it showed up later, but it all makes sense.
I’m going to take it easy this weekend and try to get a little extra sleep to get back on track.
Deej- my son works at a horse farm and has ridden several broncs, and comes home with bumps and bruises. Luckily he bounces pretty well, i can imagine being over 40 myself, that I wouldn’t recover quite as quickly.
Mimi-thanks for the feedback, sounds like you are doing well! I guess I’m learning I need to have more patience. Mybell- your up next:)

I am 1 year postop MVD and have what you have described as a "dent" near my incision. I think that at 2 months postop was about when my "dent" became obvious to me--probably all the swelling had completely gone and I was really aware of changes. Everyday I palpated the area and was aware of any tiny change in the skin's surface and the contour of my skull. Having an imperfection in the shape of my head--an indentation about the size of a quarter--is something I have forgotten about at this time. But each time I shampoo I feel it and say to myself, "Yep, it's still there."

Sometimes when I have done some activity where I have used neck muscles, I will feel a tenderness and tightness in the muscle near the incision. It goes away after a couple days.

As far as having swings in my energy level, I see no difference in how my energy levels fluctuate now or how they were in the past even before having TN. I think there are many factors that influence our energy levels.

You will feel better in every area of your life as time passes. Enjoy life, my dear.