Denial of Progression

For the past 4 yrs of having TN2 I felt like I didn't fit the mold as I didn't get the zaps nor bothered by touching the area. Well, 6 mos ago my new neuro played around with my meds and I had a terrible time. One of the first (though not the worst) problem I had was a zap (mine felt kind of like a rubber band being snapped on my cheek). My quick return to Gabapentin brought it mostly under control although I had to more than double the dose just to try to reach normal.

Just now, cupping my jaw/chin in my hand I felt that awful electric tingle that I never had before doing such a normal thing. So many times I have read about the progression, it comes for us. We never know when. I'm so glad it waited until I have a good support group!

What topical meds tried?

So sorry to hear Shadow2, I know well what you describe…my left side progression came after a 10 year remission, and it just got worse and worse very quickly. Keep trying different ways to find relief and comfort if it continues.
Know you’re not alone in this…((( hugs ))) Mimi