Define "nerve grows back" after damaging treatments

I had a MVD procedure in June of this year, had relief of pain for about 2 1/2 months, now am returning in 2 weeks for a glycerol injection. In reading about the procedure, I keep seeing that the pain will return once the "nerve grows back". I don't really know what that means and of course, being optimistic I wondered if there was any chance that when the nerve regrows, it is healed completely. I have a vein coiled around my nerve, so with the MVD, it should be good and protected. I just have a permanently damaged nerve I guess from the years of compression due to my anatomy.

Any help you have on nerve damaging procedures and what exactly that means will be helpful. Also, if anyone has experience with the glycerol and can prepare me for the procedure, I welcome that.


All I can tell you, is that it took me a full 2 years for MVD to stay put in remission

Gold standard is do nothing for twelve months…especially damage more nerves I believe… Somebody can correct me…

If you were my family, I would tell you to wait.