Deep sadness and crying anyone.?

Ten weeks post op- working on walking etc. lots crying for no reason. Any tips on that? Thanks, Lee

If you are reducing your meds could be withdrawl I got really depressed one time when I tried to cut down on my gabapentin might need something to counter act that good luck hope you feel better soon

Thank you- my head so cloudy I didn’t think of that! I hope you are well - I would still recommend mvd (this is my second) but recovery is lonely, scary and frustrating for me- thanks for sharing. Lee

Baths. I took lots and lots of baths. I dry brush, and bath with epsom salts and baking soda for 20 min and then cover myself in lotion and essential oils. I feel like the bath just sucks away any tears and re-balances me and I find peace again. I still take a bath and dry brush several times a week. Hugs, Jesssica

Thank you- I love baths that’s a great idea! Hugs to you and thanks for reaching out. Helps not to be so alone! Lee

FYI — my favorite oils are neroli and lavender ... after a good dry brush and bath and some yummy scents, you can't help but feel just plain good.

Lee said:

Thank you- I love baths that's a great idea! Hugs to you and thanks for reaching out. Helps not to be so alone! Lee

Lee, you say you're 10 weeks post-op and "working on walking", and to me that sounds like a reason to cry. Are you still in pain? (Sorry, I may have missed any earlier posts of yours?) I think the number one reason to be miserable after MVD surgery is if you're still in pain or battling with complications, and in that case tears and some emotional instability are justified. However, I know some people use anti-depressants, and those for me seem to work in the opposite direction, actually causing depression, so maybe have a good look at what medication you're on.

I think crying ALWAYS has a reason, it's just sometimes we don't want to acknowledge the reason, or we struggle to define the reason for ourselves. My best advice is for you to try to put your body in a comfortable position so that you're not distracted, and have a good think about what could be causing your misery. If it's pain or physical complications from the surgery, then book an appt with your neuro. All the best.

Lee, I'm a Reiki master in the UK. I would recommend having a look for a Reiki Practioner in your area and booking a few treatments. It can help with this kind of emotion. I must warn you the first time I received Reiki I just cried and cried (I had not long lost my Father after my Mother passed 18 months before).

Good luck with everything. I really hope your surgery is successful and you are pain free for a long time.