Dead Skin

I know lots of people on here don’t like to touch their face because it sets of pain.

So what do y’all do when your skin starts to die and flake off? I never like to touch the left side of my face, and because of my TN I cannot wear glasses, hats, sleep on that side of my face, or let an air conditioner blow on it.

As a result, the skin around my eye is pretty gross, and it flakes off. Last week I took some extra meds and gritted through a pretty nasty session of skin removal with my nails… it was gross and triggered some terrible pain. But it did get off most of the dead skin (which was like a teaspoons worth), and that helped the next day because it wasn’t so dry and flakey, which makes me want to itch it! Vicious cycle!

Any recommendations? I’ve heard some people use lemon juice or vinegar to get rid of it after exfoliating. Does that work… I’m nervous

I’ve been told one of the worst things you can do is let your skin or teeth detoriate, that no matter what you have figure out a way to do basic care at least several times a week, if not once a day.

I would suggest using a basic skin conditioning lotion on your face as often as you can. Jergen’s has a hypoallergenic lotion. Bath and Body Works has a body cream that lasts about 24 hours per application. There’s a great product you can get a farm stores called Bag Butter, it’s used to keep cow udders supple in cold weather and is flat out amazing. Even vasalin would be better than letting your skin get too dry. I know it hurts to apply but think of how much it will hurt if your skin cracks, or, even worse, cracks and gets infected. A feather light touch should allow you to smear some on the painful areas, you don’t even have to blend it in, layer a bunch on before you go to bed and just leave it.

Maybe you could use lidocaine cream on the painful areas first to help numb it briefly so then you can apply lotion?

No matter how much it hurts you have to take care of your skin.

Thank you so much for the ideas! I will try vaseline at night first, and see how that goes. I’m in another country now, so I can’t find the Bag Butter, but it sounds amazing. Anything good enough for cow udders is good enough for my face. I mean if it works, definitely! hahaha

Thanks again, any and all support is always nice, especially around Christmas! Here is an Irish blessing I’ve always loved, adapted for us TN sufferers.

May the road rise to meet you, may the wind always be at your back, may the sun shine warm upon you, the rains fall soft upon your fields and, until we meet again, may your face be free from pain.

I believe azurelle is referring to is bag balm. it is widely used in dairy farms. I have used it and always have some on hand. It is great stuff, good luck

Thanks Scott! I will ask my family back home in Oklahoma to look for it, and hopefully they can send me some!

You should be able to find it on amazon or ebay also.

You’re right Scott! Thanks for catching the way I scrambled the names up.

It’s at my local CVS’s and Walgreen’s too (not sure if you have those). Also, I like to clean face with warmed up witch hazel on cotton ball.
Happy Holidays!

No problem I mix up words frequently and forget there meanings all to often and forget names also.