Daith Piercing

Since my MVD, i’ve been getting really bad headaches/migranes. My doctor told me a story of getting my Daith pierced or the Conch bit of your ear pierced for chronic pain. Im wanting to give it a go but would like to know if anyone else has had this done and had any relief from it??

You piqued my interest, Lungz! I found this from the Cleveland Clinic: it’s about migraines, not MVD. Still, I think it probably has some relevance.
Seenie from Moderator Support

Yes, I have had 2 piercings in the same ear and had a lot of relief. The first was done in Michigan. A bar, random daith piercing and I got a lot of relief! I was lucky he hit a good spot. When I came home to Indiana after about 6 months I went for a second piercing. This girl wanted me in full blown migraine for the piercing and poked around to see where the most relief came from! She then pierced the top ridge just below the top of my ear and there is a hoop there. Happens to both be on my right side but that is where both my migraines and my GPN are located. My Topamax is now cut in half except for flares and my daily Excedrin and migraines are now more like a monthly occurrence! For 35 dollars, I wonder where it has been all my life!!! I tell everyone about and when I see them again shake them if they haven’t gotten a piercing!!!

Please message me more information on this. I get botox treatments for migraines. Am fearful of getting piercings due to trigeminal neuralgia. Still, am interested.

Sorry, I forgot to add the link to my preview comment. It’s there now.

Interesting result, foxycitamama!

Hello all. My son in law asked if I had heard of daith piercing because his friend tried it and it has help him tremendously. I went into a tattoo place and the young lady knew what TN was ( shocking). We talked for awhile about the area that is pierced and she will not do it without my neurologist permission. My concern is triggering a major flare up. Any advice/ opinions??? Thank you. Hope everyone is well today.