Cyberknife effectiveness

I am seeking the info on Cyberknife effectiveness for treating TN1. I found only some old stats which shows a very high rate of side effects – more than 50% of numbness ( Has there been any improvement in past decade?

I had it done yesterday. no numbness yet. no benefits yet. still crossing my fingers!

Good luck. Please keep us posted.

I had it done January 2016 no numbness no side effect. No pain for 1st year. I do get some very light shocks dont stay around long. They are so minor no meds all good

I’m so happy you found relief! Can you please tell me which type(s) of TN you have? Is it the shocking type only, or do you also have TN2 or ATN (the constant type)? Thank you!

I have TN1 the shocking type. When shocks are active also have feeling of intense pressure on back teeth. Right now absolutely no shocks. Even if the wicked shocks eventually come back it was worth it for the pan relief I have now

That is truly wonderful! Congratulations and I hope your relief is long lasting.

Great to hear that Cyberknife works for you. Could you share some of your thinking process when you decided to have it instead of other procedures, such as MVD?

doesn’t really matter about the statistics. If you get unlucky and get the numbness, even if only 10% or less, it is awful, believe me, and there seems to be nothing that can be done about it.