Cyberknife approval

I just got approved for cyberknife treatment from my insurance. I’m going to get imaging done soon at Austin Cyberknife and go from there.
my neurosurgeon had me get yet ANOTHER MRI with and without contrast with “fine slices”. before that he was all gung ho about me getting MVD done and I didn’t know what I was talking about so listen to the professionals, right?
after the new MRIs he said I was not a good candiate for MVD. there was nowhere he could see to put a teflon pillow.
so now I get to try the Cyberknife because I got no place to go.
I should be happy, right? it’s supposed to have a good success right, but I don’t see much success rate on this here sight. then why do I feel like crying.
just wanted to let a little of all that out. thanks.

Hi Egoiste
If you want to cry,
cry-I have little drainage canals down my cheeks from the tears.
People who have stuff work sometimes stay far away because of their fears when they were on here.
Consider this-YOU are lucky.
How about if they said they could not do cyberknife either?
You have hope.
Please grab on to that hope.
Cry because you did not get gold-but if silver does the job -who cares?
I hope people who have had a successful cyberknife come on and tell you.
Most important though-if you do not trust what is going on-in your gut-then please take your time.Probably gonna be a wait anyways.
Please be kind to yourself.

At the end of the day, reading between the lines, they don’t know what is causing your pain hence the term neuralgia, nerve pain, not compression of this nerve by this entity, and TN patients rarely show true signs of peripheral nerve compression in the absence of omas, sinister problems, true dental injury to name some. They’re guessing it might help, hey it has helped some, lets roll the dice. You can look at the stats, but who produces these in the main? You’re right to be cautious, it’s a destructive procedure, and your thought process is a positive one.

Hey, cyberknife might work! You never know. I declined a MVD because 3 days in the ICU puking wasn’t my idea of a good time. I am wishing you the best of luck with this procedure. You have to remain positive or else all hope wanes. Bad place to be. Prayers for you for a successful procedure and a pain free life.

I was sold on the gamma knife procedure. No pain, no recovery, no problem. That is until eight years later when scar tissue started building up around the blood vessel and the trigeminal. I took a surgeon 5 hours to trim out the scar tissue and things got really good after that. about a year later pains started coming back. Pain management team use radio frequency, lidocaine drip, more radio frequency to fry the nerve, lidocaine injection and you guessed it, none of that worked either. Finally I reach 2700 msg of gabapentin and that gave some relief. Then the weight gain started, 5, 10, 15, 20 and 25 lbs in a year so I got with in internal medicine doctor and she started weaning me off gabapentin and started me on cymbalta. The weight has started to drop, blurred vision is getting better, pain levels seem to be down, mood has leveled out and I
am thinking that life is getting better. Thank you doctor for listening to me.

thank y’all for listening. I’m feeling better now. I either just needed some time to feel sorry for myself and/or doubling my tramadol intake was just messin with me a little lol.
I can’t believe 25mg of tramadol every three hours is working way better than 3600mg a day of gabapentin ever did. now if I can just lose the 40 pounds I gained on the gabapentin, I sure would have nothin to cry about =]

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