For me this is a curse I find it very difficult to eat and have pain 24/7. Within the last year and a half I have lost 30 pounds. My neurologist has switched me on a variety of medications but it is very difficult because I also have Gastroparesis which I have had since 2010. Trying to find the correct medication that works has been very difficult. I go through the same issues that we all do with friends and family. The advice they give me is to take Aleve, Asprin or a sleeping pill to sleep or some other medication that works for them. They have know clue the pain that I have. This is not “fake” this is real and an Asprin is not going to help. When they ask how I am I now say that I am doing just fine and I thank them for asking I get tired of their advice. The only people I talk to is my sister and husband. I wake up from sleeping at times with scratches on my face not knowing I made marks on my face from pain. I will grind my teeth and scratch for pain relief. I also scratch and grind during the day and night.
I put on my fake happy face and I have my fake smile to the rest of the world. I am aware of how blessed I am but sometimes the pain and swelling will just get to me, the sun and bright lights I just cry when I am by myself. There are other people fighting other illnesses in the world and taking their last breath. I am thankful to wake up each day. :heart:

Hi Sailly,I will go check out your blog later.That’s cool that your still going to school.So sorry that you have this dreadful monster too, and very sorry about you becoming homeless,NOW,I REALLY DO FEEL BLESSED!!! We all TNers need to write our own book, I think we could all cover a chapter or two on ourselves. Heck,some of us like yourself could write our own book! I have thought I would like to do that myself, my brain still feels to mushy, and flip, floppy in my head yet to even think to much about writting a book.(lol) All this rain and humidity we have had all summer is also raining havoc on my tn. At this point I plan on spending a good part of the day in my rocking chair, reading your story, listening to music, and going to far away places in my head.Oh! and my friend’s yorkie.( he just brought me a toy and that is very unusual for him, he wants you to chase him usually) He wants to play bad!!! That’s the kind of things that happen to my days,but that’s ok, I pretty much have to spend my time home.I can control the breezes, the hot, cold, the lighting, ect.I’m know you get what I’m taking about. That’s what so good about all these wonderful people here. I’m sorry,I know my thoughts are all over the place right now. The pain was so bad last nov. that I was at my wits end.I had a member here tell me at this point I might need to go public. I was embarassed when I discovered on nov. 10-14 in the Battle Ceek Enquire News I was front page news. My family also doesn’t get either even after 25 years of tn.They are sick of it and most want to hear nothing and ask nothing anymore. To my amazement, because of that article I have met a brillant man in cal. who developed a cream ( I had read about this before, I have no money to waste) called GALLIlXA I would never of thought a cream could help something this painful. Oh my goodness it hsa helped more then ANYTHING ELSE IN 25 YEARS!!! We all know with tn not everything works the same for each of us. Instead of repeating all of this again if interested in my story you can read some of post or go to “punkin’s” page, and you can put GALLIXA in the search bar.Wishing you the best and hope to chat after reading your story.Dawn p.s.I am working with a tablet that doesn’t want to work.( LOL) This is about all it will let me do. It won’t let me message anyone like “tree69” ( would someone that reads this just please check on her, thanks) or send friend requests,it will let me accept them,crazy thing. It is just to hot and muggy to care about having it checked out for the time being.Whoops! Longest p.s. I’ve ever seen. I’M GONE FOR NOW!!

Hello Dawn I realized this response was for the posting prior to mine.
I must admit I joined this site for support and thus far received a response for another member on my blog…I have to laugh at that one. It did bring a smile to my face today thank you!