CSF leak in my ear. What to do?

I am 3 weeks post MVD on the left side. I had a CSF leak after surgery from my lumbar drain. I ended up having to stay in the hospital for 7 days. That has sealed. Since surgery, I have been having trouble hearing from my left ear. It's very muffled. I was told that that was from the surgery itself and that it would get better on its own. The "muffledness" has changed and it feels more like swimmer's ear. I still can't hear correctly and now my balance is off. Last week my ear leaked on 2 occasions, once in my sleep and once when I was on the couch. I was clear fluid. Also, I feel best lying down. I saw the PA from the neurosurgeon's office last week and she told me that they believe I have a CSF leak in my ear. She said that it would get better with time and that I should lay down as much as possible, not lift anything and not drive (which I haven't done anyway because I don't feel it would be safe yet).

Has anyone else had a CSF leak in the ear? How long did it last? What else can I do to make it go away quicker? I would appreciate any comments or advise. -I

((( ihold ))), I’m sorry I don’t have advice for you, but I did want you to know that I’m thinking of you and hope this resolves soon. What about a call into your surgeon again? Did the pa give you a time frame, do these leaks heal/repair themselves? Wish I knew more …
Sending positive thoughts! Mimi

Thanks Mimi. They told me it should resolve on its own and that it can take a couple of weeks. But I wasn't given any tips on what to do to make things move along besides not lifting. I'm hoping someone has a trick up their sleeve 'cause just lying here for weeks is getting old.

Can you send a message to Red? I think most people go to the ER !