Could vigorous scrubbing of face be a cause?

It just occurred to me that something I have been doing for the past 30 years could have caused my TN condition.
Because I have very oily skin and all the pores in my face are clogged, I find I must vigorously clean my face with cotton and astringent twice a day or the pores start to beal up (become infected) and become very painful. If not treated, they turn in to full blown boils. I have found that vigorous scrubbing has both healed the infected pores, but prevents any problems.
My first symptom was while doing this scrubbing one day 2 or more years ago. I found that an area in front of my left ear and a little below was sore to the touch. I thought it was a swollen gland because they hurt much the same way. It was intermittent until last November when I had the first and only full left face attack. The symptoms then moved to the inside of my mouth (gums and teeth). Now it's my left jaw which has horrible attacks once or twice a week. Tegretol seems to relieve some of the symptoms and I can again brush my teeth (no more facial pain, just left jaw has remained).
Could this have caused my TN condition? It's now moving to the right side in that my jaw and upper teeth are now hurting on the right side, especially if I lay on my left side. I don't know how else to keep these pore bealings at bay. But if any of you answer affirmative, I will have to.
Of course I will ask this of my doctor, but I won't see him for a few days. Also, I have found that many people on these forums are more knowledgeable than most doctors.

I would say doubtful, but the same bacteria that causes acne, has been found to cause infections within the spinal discs, disc infection with some likelihood can cause TN. I obviously don't know you but just putting a thought out there. Wishing you all the best.